Public Relations Coordinator's Duties

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Reports to

Vice President


As Defined in Bylaws

The Public Relations Coordinator shall coordinate contact with outside organizations and provide release forms, press releases, guidelines for organizational style, and flyers for official events. The Public Relations Coordinator shall be an ex officio member of event committees and shall report at each regular business meeting.

Other Duties

  • Report at the regular business meetings
    • Statistics for social media platforms and promotions since the last business meeting
    • Upcoming promotions and social media campaigns

Any significant structural/design changes made to the website

  • Create engaging posts for Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms
  • Respond to messages (public or private) addressed to OutWorlders (Note: If it’s a serious complaint, officers should be consulted before responding) using the OutWorlders account. Such messages could include:
    • Questions, complaints, or comments posted in the Facebook Group or Page
    • Direct Messages sent via email, Messenger, or other platforms
    • Generic messages on other third-party sites such as Reddit
  • Work with the Events Coordinator, Internet Coordinator, SIGs, and Committee chairs to promote events and initatives
  • Maintain our Social Media Guidelines, Social Media Promotion Schedule Guidelines, and a calendar of our social media promotion schedule
  • Responsible for messaging, promotions, and creating posts on all communication channels such as the Website and Social Media platforms
  • Edit/review/sign-off on any mass communication that does not require an immediate response, such as newsletters or quartly messages


  • Proficient in social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram
  • Able to create engaging content and interact with the community
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Can keep cool under pressure, able to respond to complains and criticisim in a professional and understanding manner
  • Understanding of marketing and advertising techniques

Expected commitment

The Public Relations Coordinator can expect to spend 8-hours per month on activities directly related to this position.