Internet Coordinator's Duties

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Reports to

Vice President


As Defined in Bylaws

The Internet Coordinator shall design and keep current the Organization’s Internet site and e-mail addresses.

Other Duties

  • Report at the regular business meetings
    • Internet Traffic via Google Analytics
    • Any significant structural/design changes made to the website
  • Manage wiki installations
  • Ensure the website’s CMS software and plugins are up-to-date with all major security patches
  • Administer email addresses for the organization
  • Enforce standards of handling member data so that it is kept in the strictest confidence
  • Work with Events Coordinator, Public Relations Coordinator, and committee chairs to continuously evolve and improve the website
  • Administer accounts for Mailchimp, Google, Cognito Forms, Namecheap, and any other third-party providers used by the organization
  • Develop and manage markup for email newsletter/campaign templating


  • Proficient in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Knowledge building front-end websites using CMS systems
  • Understanding of how to use Git for version control
  • Familiar with security best-practices in regards to member data
  • Knows how to build and maintain HTML and CSS specifically for email

Expected commitment

The Internet Coordinator can expect to spend 8-hours per month on activities directly related to this position.