Events Coordinator's Duties

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Reports to

Vice President, President


As Defined in Bylaws

The Events Coordinator shall create and update a weekly calendar of events for the Organization and help new Special Interest Groups prepare their proposals for establishment. The Events Coordinator shall report at each regular business meeting about recently completed events and planned events, shall decide, with the advice of the President, if proposed affiliated events support the purpose of the Organization, and shall serve as an ex officio member of all event committees and special interest groups.

Other Duties

  • Report at the regular business meetings
    • Event Attendance Numbers (Total Visitors, New Visitors, Income)
    • Events and locations of upcoming events
  • Maintain a calendar of events for the group
  • Work with the Public Relations Coordinator to promote events
  • Handle all the logistics for events, including:
    • Scheduling
    • Sourcing venues
    • Setup and tear-down (personally or via proxy/delegation)
    • Staffing (Greeters, PRIDE Bucket Brigade, PRIDE tent, etc.)
    • Supplies and Provisions (food, drink, entertainment)
  • Follow standards of handling member data so that it is kept in the strictest confidence


  • Great social skills: easily able to network with venues
  • Organized with attention to details: able to identify gaps in event planning
  • Quickly adapts to changes as they occur
  • Can keep cool under pressure, able to respond to mishaps in a professional and understanding manner

Expected commitment

The Events Coordinator can expect to spend 8-hours per month on activities directly related to this position.