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Issue Date: October 10, 2018
Effective Date: [TBA/Draft Status]

Contact: PR Coordinator,


Several officers and Sponsoring Members are interested in promoting their events to the Facebook group, but it’s important to the end user that we don’t overwhelm or spam them with posts about future activities. This document sets a standard of how to promote official OutWorlders events to the Facebook Group.


This document focuses on the day of the event, and the days immediately before and after.


The key words “MUST NOT” and "SHOULD NOT" in this document are to be interpreted as described in RFC 2119.

The Schedule

There are bound to be several events happening in a month, often only a few days after the last. During the time frame outlined below, make sure to follow the Social Media Guidelines and promote only one event at a time.

Facebook Admins MUST NOT steal the thunder of one event to promote the next.

The Day Before

Share the Facebook Event to the group with a short, personable reminder about the event.

The Day Of

  • If the event occurs in the evening, post a status relating to the event on Facebook, using an informal tone. This post MUST NOT read like a pitch or plea for attendance.
  • As the event is starting (or shortly thereafter), post a photo of the venue or the front door. This post serves as a last-minute reminder to those who may be running late, as well as provide a visual to those on their way of what to look for.
  • During the event, post some pictures.

The Day After

Also known as the thank-you post, this is where OutWorlders thanks everybody for their attendance or participation, and posts a group photo if available.

The Lull

If there are no events scheduled several days before the next official OutWorlders Event and community participation is low, engage the group with posts that loosely relate to the next event. Try to post things that spark discussion.

Also, use this time to create new events.

Once the promotion has begun for a featured event, Facebook Admins SHOULD NOT shift focus to promote another event.

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