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Atlanta OutWorlders Business Meeting Minutes for 2019/05/19

Attendees: Eric M, Christian H, Travis W, Michael V, Bryan F, Leah F (via phone)

11:06 - Called to order


  • President – designed, ordered, and printed (750) OutWorlders flyers for OutlantaCon and 2019 events; ordered 4 XL OutWorlders shirts for OutlantaCon Codenames Tournament; Confirmed w/ OutlantaCon 2 Sponsorship Passes for Bryan F and Paul M; Bryan to confirm donation of $40 from Paul M, Bryan F donated $40 for his pass; signed up 1 new sponsoring member at OutlantaCon and deposited dues into bank account; Received 3 purple tank top samples for OutWorlders shirt, Christian has chosen Gildan Pantone 669, with shirt and tank options from S-XXXL sizes; Travis visited Rush Center on May May 10, signed rental policy, requested game night times from 6 pm – 11 pm; Darie, from Rush Center, is offering paralegal expertise and Rush Center help, Travis to follow-up with time to meet with Darie and officers;
  • Vice-president - emailed sponsoring members about the upcoming vote; designed OutlantaCon schedules, prepared a t-shirt design to be considered for 2019.
  • Treasurer - Square reader is functional; Venmo account is "@OutWorlders (Bryan Faris) and functioning; PayPal still not working, PayPal account name is “OutWorlders, Inc”; strategy for IRS filing 501(c)3 or 501(c)7 status under discussion; expects to move forward sometime in 2019, cost estimates between $300-$800; Membership count 28, 2019 Goal is 43
    • Vader Suggests that membership seems low. Travis suggests revising language for who a “member” is next year pending non-profit guidelines
  • Public Relations Coordinator - ran event promotions for OutlantaCon, OutlantaCon Meetup, June Game Night, May Movie Night, and GAME ON! on: Facebook page, Facebook group, Instagram, Twitter, NextDoor, Reddit, and EventBrite; Sent public venue events to Project Q,, AJC Calendar; OutlantaCon w/ OutWorlders logo was featured in Peach Magazine and Project Q.
  • Internet Coordinator (position vacant, duties performed by Christian) – fixed IE display issue where the text was hard to read; Outstanding activities include transferring the site to OutWorlders NameCheap Account and parse through the list of requests from Eric/PR Coordinator
  • Historian (position vacant, duties performed by Christian) - uploaded minutes and proposals to the wiki
  • Events Coordinator (position vacant, duties performed by Travis and Christian) – Created a Tentative Game Night Event with Theme Calendar:
    • July 6: Metropolitan Library – confirmed
    • July 25: Rush Center (Pride Game On! Night) – confirmed with Pride
    • August 3: Paul’s home – confirmed
    • September 7: Robert’s (Post Dragon-Con) – confirmed
    • October 5: Rush Center (Costume Party) – to confirm
    • November 2: Northwest Library at Scott’s Crossing Library (Post-Pride) – confirmed
    • December 7: Robert’s (Sweater Party) – confirmed
  • Outreach Committee - Eric met with Ezz Hasan, owner of Spindle; confirmed details of us requesting $5 donations and event from 7pm to 12am on a Saturday night; no outside food or drink brought to the event – Spindle will sell drinks and we will need coordinate with a vendor to have pop up food available; Toured Spindle and took photos in report; Eric had text conversation with Cord Woodruff, an OutWorlders members, about using his office, World 50 in Buckhead, for a Game Night and/or Video Game Night; allowed to bring our own food and drink and have event from from 7pm to 12am and request $5 donations; Toured World 50 and took photos for report


  • Movie night was postponed in April but will resume in May; OutWorlders had a Movie Outing at the Landmark Theater on Saturday, April 27 at 10:00 AM to watch Avengers: Endgame (2019). 10 attendees, met at FROGS afterward, the group discussed the movie, the Marvel universe, and our other events. 2 attendees suggested a Pokémon Go event in the future
  • May Movie night will be a potluck dinner at Robert's House on May 25th, 2019; movies will be a Godzilla movie, Destroy All Monsters! (1968) and Aliens (1986).
  • Game Night was held at Robert’s house, 63 attendees (record breaking), 10 first-timers. OutWorlders-branded buttons were available in exchange for a $3 donation and brought in $18. Donating members were asked to choose which Star Wars team they preferred, Rebel Alliance or the Empire; Empire won; Multiple noise complaints from the party games, Travis will ask future party game players to respect surrounding game players noise level, future complaints can see Host and Host/Officer will help reduce noise levels; June Game Night will be at the Northwest Library at Scott’s Crossing.
  • OutlantaCon 2019 was held at the Renaissance Concourse Atlanta Airport Hotel from May 10th—19th; OutWorlders sponsored the game room all weekend, as well as Jeopardy and the Code Names Team Tournament; 4 shirts were printed for Code Names Team Tournament winning team. 2 teams competed, and a team of 4 won; winning team consisted of 2 new attendees; participants and viewers received 1 OutWorlders button, a total of 11 OutWorlders-branded buttons; 2 new attendees allowed us to take their photo and promote their win to social media. Both tagged and “liked” the photo on Facebook; Czech Games Edition, publisher Code Names, liked our tweet about the OutlantaCon Code Names Tournament and tweeted back to us to congratulate the winners and thank the participators; Brotherwise Games, game publisher, liked our Facebook post of their game “Call to Adventure”.

Unfinished Business

  • Vote on April Proposals:
    • 2019-04-A – Funding for Video Game Night - passed (9 for/0 against/0 abstained)
    • 2019-04-B – Register OutWorlders as 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization passed (9/0/0)
  • No Update on DragonCon Queerios gathering – placeholder for a future meeting, Leah follow-up
  • Dames & Dregs planning – the event will be held on August 10, 2019; Eric to do June 2 site visit; Christian requests a planning meeting scheduled soon.

New Business

  • New Proposals:
    • 2019-05-A – Proposal to host second video game night on July 20th at World 50; the organization would allocate $100 for rental of video game equipment and services
      • Vader asks if World 50 would be good for Movie Night. Eric confirms “yes,” they have a conference room with stadium-style seating. Vader to look into the legality of showing movies there.
  • Video Game Night (VGN) planning – 1st VGN event will be June 15, 7 pm – 12 am; Travis asks Eric to be the main “host” of event; OutWorlders Volunteers to wear OutWorlders shirts; suggested entrance donation $5; Christian to revise VGN Sign In sheet; Travis to bring sign-in greeter kit, banner; and flyers; Travis to create VGN web graphics; Herb needs half sheet flyer; Eric is finalizing details with Herb, Spindle, and Luis on food truck
  • T-Shirt Designs for 2019 – Christian to work on a proposal; suggests $30 a shirt to safely cover the cost of the shirt, printing, and taxes; possible swag donation section to the website; Christian to continue “Level Up” design
  • Summer Picnic Date – Tentative for August 25, 2019, from 11 am – 4 pm; Travis to reach out to Paul for McKoy Park access; group feels moving picnics to end-of-seasons, to avoid extreme weather, such as the cold spring weather picnic
  • Outreach Committee to reach out to Werewolf ATL for future partnership; requesting less aggressive version, with introduction to new players; Library would be a good location, as we can use a conference room with a whiteboard; In advance, Travis can print sheets for players of role descriptions; Vader suggests perhaps we attend one of their events; Alexandria (Werewolf ATL) said that she would prefer a werewolf-only night.

12:30 - Adjourned

Submitted by Travis Woodman, President


Meeting Packet: File:2019-5-19-Business-Meeting-Packet OutWorlders.pdf