2019-04 Proposals

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Proposal 2019-04-A. Funding for Video Game Night.

Date: April 15, 2019
Author: Eric Maxwell

WHEREAS, OutWorlders would like to host a video game night; and

WHEREAS, The Outreach Committee has selected a video game equipment supplier and a venue;


  1. OutWorlders host its first Video Game Night on June 15th at Spindle.
  2. OutWorlders allocates $100 towards renting videogame equipment and services from Herb.

ADOPTED this 19th day of May 2019 by a vote of 9 for, 0 against, and 0 present.

Proposal 2019-04-B. Register OutWorlders as a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization

Author: Christian Hain
Date: 4/16/2019

WHEREAS, OutWorlders has lost its non-profit status; and

WHEREAS, OutWorlders does not meet two requirements of a 501(c)(7) Non-Profit Organization in that it receives income from more than 35% of non-membership and it holds itself as “providing goods and services to the general public”; and

WHEREAS, the legally accepted definition of a member is someone who is eligible to vote on officers; and

WHEREAS, there is still prejudice towards and within the LGBTQ+ community, and our current administration actively works towards eliminating such prejudices through our events, promotions, and social presence; and

WHEREAS, the mission of OutWorlders is to “provide an inclusive and friendly environment for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and diverse gender and sexual identities (LGBTQ+) in the community…”; and

WHEREAS, 49% of OutWorlders’ 2018 income came from the annual PRIDE Bucket Brigade alone (noting that the donations came from the general public at the parade and the check came from PRIDE and neither the general public nor PRIDE were/are Sponsoring Members of the organization); and

WHEREAS, the cost to file as a non-profit is $540 in Georgia, according to Rocket Lawyer ($100 to file Articles of Incorporation as a non-profit, $40 for publication of Notice of Intent to Incorporate, and $400 IRS filing fee because annual revenues are below $10,000) ( https://www.rocketlawyer.com/article/how-to-start-a-non-profit-in-georgia.rl).


  1. OutWorlders spends up to $600 and applies for status as a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization.
  2. OutWorlders continues to operate as it does today; providing events to anyone in the LGBTQ+ community with an interest in sci-fi and/or gaming, ensuring that our events are welcoming and free of harassment, offering many of the events at no cost to the attendees, allowing attendees to become a member only if they wish to vote at business meetings, and volunteering for the annual PRIDE Bucket Brigade.
  3. OutWorlders continues to not require event attendees to have a sponsoring-member escort or become a sponsoring member prior to the event and continues to not turn down donations from non-members.

501(c)(3) vs. 501(c)(7).pdf

ADOPTED this 19th day of May 2019 by a vote of 9 for, 0 against, and 0 present.