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Atlanta OutWorlders Business Meeting Minutes for 2018/01/21

Attendees: Travis Woodman, Leah Frey, Jamar Muslar, Wm S Boozer, Kevin Campbell, Bryan, Christian Hain, Brad Kviten, Travis M

Location: Wananga Creative Photography, Atlanta, GA

11:08 AM - Called to order

  • Review of January game night; 50+ people were in attendance
  • Discussed plan and location for February game night; public library meeting space booked
  • First draft of Host Duties handout was submitted and reviewed; it will be resubmitted with proposed edits from meeting
  • Discussed the idea of creating a membership poll to judge people's willingness to pay for attending game nights; how much they'd be willing to pay; willingness to pay an increased sponsoring membership fee; what membership perks they would like, such as members-only events, shirts, lanyards, etc
  • Discussion as to if we'll consider sponsoring OutlantaCon this year; several packages to choose from; tabled for later discussion
  • Treasurer submits the proposed 2018 budget; to be adopted at the next meeting, following vote
  • Discussion of whether to offer to cosponsor the Spectrum Party at this year's DragonCon; cost is $500; tabled for later discussion
  • Christian is appointed Internet Coordinator; he reports that the new website is ready to go live and will give demo of website at February meeting
  • Volunteers for other appointed positions will be asked for via Facebook
  • Proposed change to the bylaws to allow business meetings to take place on the first Saturday of each month, one hour before the game night begins; tabled for later discussion
  • Proposal to change to the bylaws to change appointed positions from mandatory to optional, allowing for vacant positions
  • Amendment submitted to the bylaws to change the means by which proposals may be submitted; amendment to be voted on in February business meeting
  • Discussion of separate meeting to deal specifically with the updating of the bylaws
  • Proposal to use Google Docs to host the bylaws during revision process, allowing for commentary and editing via the group as a whole; Jamar has volunteered to spearhead this effort

Proposals relating to items discussed that could be submitted prior to next game night (14 days before next business meeting) include:

  • Submission of final draft of Hosting Duties handout
  • Questions for poll regarding willingness to pay to attend game nights/increase in membership dues
  • Amendment to allow business meetings to be scheduled at the meeting prior, rather than always on the 3rd Sunday of the month
  • Proposal to sponsor OutlantaCon, and which package to choose
  • Proposal for "constitutional convention," to hash out bylaws in a special meeting

12:15 PM - Adjourned