Game Night Hosting Duties

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Thank you for volunteering to host an Atlanta OutWorlders Game Night!

Here's what you need to know:


We expect an average range of 45-55 attendees per game night.

For the Event Page

Please provide any parking instructions or special directions the location.

Provide any pet information for those with allergies.

Optionally, provide a picture of the building, front door, etc. before-hand to help guests locate the correct venue.

For the Event Space


Please designate a small space or table at the guest entrance for our sign-in sheets and name badges, as well as space for us to display our games.

We suggest making sure trash cans are visible and extra trash bags are available.

Make sure restrooms are stocked with hand soap, toilet paper, and clean hand towels.

We ask that you provide utensils, paper/plastic plates, napkins, and ice. We ask our attendees to bring drinks and food to share.

Scheduling and Setup

We will bring games from our library.

Let us know in advance if we need to provide any extra tables and folding chairs, or if you need any help setting up before the event starts.

If the event needs to end a specific time, allow a few minutes for clean up.

In the event that temperatures are controlled off-site, please make adjustments before the evening begins.