Milestones and Accomplishments

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Atlanta OutWorlders 2017 Accomplishments

Milestones Completed

  • Rebrand logo of Atlanta OutWorlders
  • Rebrand Facebook
  • Create relationship connections with Fulton County Library for Event Spaces (Oscar Gittemeier)

Atlanta OutWorlders 2018 Accomplishments

Milestones Completed


  • Begin tracking event attendance
    • Establish a sign-in system with a dedicated greeter
    • Collect data and analytics of attendance counts per Game Night, picnic outings, and other events
  • Create Host Duties Document


  • Bylaws Workshop to update bylaws
  • Launch online survey
  • Begin actively collecting donations at Game Nights



  • Launch new website
  • Launch Atlanta OutWorlders wiki
  • Rebrand Iron Chef to Vibranium Chef Contest
  • Create new voting sheets for the Vibranium Chef Contest


  • Began creating Facebook Events in the Facebook Page instead of Facebook Group


  • Raffle test
  • Reached record number of attendance for Game Night (55)


  • Move Vibranium Chef Contest to a digital voting system (with paper ballots as backup)
  • Hosted first Movie Night with the Atlanta-Fulton Public Library System


  • PRIDE T-Shirts
  • Ran first Facebook ad for PRIDE
  • Moved website from to


  • Announced new Sponsorship Fees of $15 for 2019 Calendar Year


  • Reached record number of attendance for Game Night (56)
  • Adopted Anti-Harassment Policy
  • Designed Sponsorship forms with Receipts
  • Sent first MailChimp Campaign