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Called to Order

11:08 AM - Sunday, May 21, 2023


Robert Allen (President), Leah Frey (Secretary), Bryan Faris (Treasurer), Christian Hain (Secretary), Brandon Welch (PR Coordinator), Robert Marshall

Reading and Approval of Minutes

April minutes approved/not approved - 5 in favor.



Elected Officer Reports


  1. Five contributions at May Game Night, totaling $30
  2. Brian and Robert to transfer debit cards Saturday, June 3, or June 10
  3. Current membership count is 9


Minutes (attached)


Coordinated with Paul Mitchell for McCoy Park Pavilion. Rented for the full day on June 11. $150 + $25 for electricity. Paul needs reimbursement. Budgeted for meatball subs, Publix sandwiches, and condiments ($120). The Iron Chef competition will be at 1:00, and the featured ingredient is Strawberry. Judgment categories are: Creativity, Tasted, and Presentation. Leah will need help unloading the car.


Hosted May Game Day at Woofs

Special Orders

2023 Budget Vote: 6 for; 0 against; 0 abstain; 1 absentee vote for. Budget adopted.

Appointed Officer Reports

Events Coordinator

No Out@theMovies in April.

Past Events (since the last meeting)

  1. Out@theMovies: Was not held in April
  2. Game Day: Held at Woofs’. 46 people attended. Woofs’ could only provide one metal table from the patio; Robert Marshall and Robert Allen provided extra tables (four tables + chairs).
  3. Happy Hour: Held on May 17 at My Sister’s Room. Ten people attended. Upstairs was closed, hung out downstairs.
  4. OutReaders Read The Penelopiad by Margaret Atwood on May 21. Three attendees.

Upcoming Events

  1. May: Out@theMovies: Cancelled.
  2. June
    1. Game Day: To be held Saturday, June 3, at 1 PM at OutFront Theatre
    2. Sprint Picnic: Sunday, June 11, 11–5pm. Vibranium Chef Competition
    3. Happy Hour: To be held Wednesday, June 14, 8 PM at My Sister’s Room
    4. OutReaders: To be held Saturday, June 17, 2 PM via Zoom. The book The Ship Who Sang, Anne McCaffrey
    5. Regular Business Meeting: To be held Sunday, June 18, 11 AM via Zoom
    6. Out@theMovies: TBD @ Saturday June 24, possibly Dungeons and Dragons
  3. July
    1. Game Day: To be held Saturday, July 1, 7 PM @ Mouse’s House
    2. Happy Hour: To be held Thursday, July 13, 7 PM at Redd’s
    3. OutReaders: To be held Saturday, July 15, 2 PM via Zoom. Book TBD
    4. Regular Business Meeting: To be held Sunday, July 16, 11 AM via Zoom
    5. Out@theMovies: Saturday July 21/22: TBD (Barbie Movie)

Public Relations Coordinator

  1. Discussed Social Media Network Stats
  2. Facebook: Gained six Facebook Group members and gained 1 Facebook Page likes. Discussed top posts/memes
  3. Instagram: Gained seven Instagram followers
  4. Twitter: Gained two Twitter followers
  5. Reviewed potential upcoming posts

Internet Coordinator

Vacant. Duties performed by Christian Hain.

Renewed SSL Certificate


Vacant. Duties performed by Christian Hain.

Attendance data attached

  1. Game Day: Incomplete; need final attendance sheet
  2. Happy Hour: Complete
  3. OutReaders: Missing
  4. Out@theMovies: Didn’t meet

Committee and SIG Reports

Bylaws Committee

Has not met, no report. Discuss the new draft of the Confidentially Agreement. Christian to schedule a virtual Monday meeting.

Game Library Committee

Meeting after the Business Meeting

Out@theMovies SIG

Has not met, no report.

OutReaders SIG

Read All Our Wrong Todays by Elon Mastai - Seven attendees. Three thumbs up.

Unfinished Business

  1. Bylaws/501(c)3: Discuss during SIG report
  2. 2023 Budget: Discussed during Treasurer Report: Closed
  3. T-Stand Banner Sign: Travis set updated graphics, but Christian doesn’t have Adobe InDesign anymore.
  4. OutFront Theater: Robert Allen to show up early and help set up.
  5. Spring Picnic: Brandon will run social media advertising, planning to spend $50. Robert Marshall to check and see if there are reusable plastic fitted sheets.

New Business


Open Floor

  1. Anniversary. Discussed previous events. Get a cake. 23 Years
  2. Proposal to Reimburse Spring Picnic


The next meeting is June 18, 2023, at 11 AM


12:08 PM - Adjourned.

Submitted by Christian Hain, May 21, 2023