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OutWorlders, Inc. Regular Meeting Minutes for 2021/02/21

Attendees: Bryan Faris (Treasurer), Andy Shavers (Secretary), Robert Allen (Vice-President), Christain Hain (President), Andrew Segal, Robert Marshall, Leah Frey, Ken Fernandez, Nathaniel

11:03-ish. Called to order.

Reading and Approval of Minutes

January minutes not approved, will resubmit at next meeting.

Officer Reports

  • Treasurer: Two pending memberships not received in time of the meeting (one in the mail, one working on confirmation). 2021 Budget Proposal will be voted on today.
  • Secretary: Meeting minutes submitted.
  • Vice-President: Coordinated with WerewolfATL to host Virtual Werewolf at our next game night using our Zoom link, which can support 15–20 people. Spoke with Wendy Darling about resuming a writers group, Wendy is interested, Robert A. offered to help write the proposal. Created Linktree account for OutWorlders and included in our Instagram profile, currently promoting donations to Anti-Racism causes. Christian suggests adding a PayPal donation link to OutWorlders. Linktree offers some analytic data.
  • President: Hosted Virtual Game Night. Followed up with Darie about Bylaws, will meet with her sometime in March
  • Events Coordinator: Vacant, duties performed by Vice-President. OutWorlders hosted virtual Just One for February’s Game Night, our second Happy Hour, and OutReaders book club. Robert A. suggests we keep doing happy hours. Christian suggests keeping weekend/weeknight rotations. Leah suggests having people come with a question/topic for discussion.
  • Public Relations Coordinator: Vacant, duties performed by Vice-President. Continued posting about Sponsoring Memberships, Christian suggests considering requests for donations if we’re looking for money and sponsoring members if we’re looking for involvement. OutWorlders also posted about Black History Month, merch, and donating used games. Robert A. suggests doing a post about Trans-Housing Coalition, Bryan suggests it would be a good opportunity to talk about what we did last year, Leah mentions that there may be an official color to wear.
  • Internet Coordinator: Renewed SSL certificate for
  • Historian: Vacant, no report.

Special Orders

  • 'Events Coordinator: Christian nominates Andrew Segal as Events Coordinator. Robert Allen, Andy Shavers, and Bryan Faris vote in favor. Andrew Segal is officially our Events Coordinator.

Committee and SIG Reports

  • Bylaws Committee: Spoke with Darie about bylaws, will meet sometime in March. The goal is to simplify the language so that it makes sense for our group.
  • Out@theMovies SIG: Suspended. Leah willing to take over. Planning to stick with Netflix. The discussion was had about how to gauge interest and select movies. Robert A. suggests keeping a backup movie in mind in case the movie gets pulled. Robert A. making sure Zoom links have passwords embedded.
  • OutReaders SIG: Met to discuss The Vines by Christopher Rice. Six people attended. “Thumbs sideways.”

Old Business

  • Merghandise: On Hold
  • Game Library: No longer on hold. Andy and Robert A. offered to donate games. Ken also has games available for donation. Andy suggests using Facebook Stories to solicit donations.
  • 2021-02-A. Budget Proposal. 3 votes needed to pass. 6 for, 0 against, 0 present. No absentee votes. Proposal passes.

New Business

No new business

Open Floor

No discussion

Adjourned - 12:00-ish

Submitted by Christian Hain