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Status: Approved 2020-02-16.

Atlanta OutWorlders Business Meeting Minutes for 2020/01/19

Attendees: Robert M, Christian H, Bryan F, Leah F, Elbot, Brandon W, Vader

11:03 am - Called to order

Officer Reports

President - created Slack channel; tested digital sign-in at Game Night

Vice-president - prepared report on OutlantaCon facilities

Secretary - nothing to report

Treasurer - hands out budget proposal for 2020

Events for January

Game Night - held 01/04/2020 at Metropolitan library; 75 attendees, largest turn out recorded; WerewolfATL were in attendance

OutReaders Meeting - held 01/18/2020 at Kirkwood library; discussed Gideon the Ninth by Tasmyn Muir

Movie Night - to be held 01/25/2020 at Robert M's studio; showing Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Events for February

Game Night - to be held 02/01/2020 at Cascade library

OutReaders Meeting - to be held 02/15/2020 at Kirkwood library; will discuss Touch by Claire North

Movie Night - TBD

Unfinished Business

Facebook and Website Modifications - Christian added a series of events for upcoming game nights to Facebook; website has been slow to be updated in January; Christian intends to get software that will update the website when Facebook is updated

501(c)3 Registration - bylaw meetings were interrupted by the holidays; Christian will get them back on track

OutlantaCon Updates - we should help them to meet their room block by advertising to members; discussion as to whether we should become a sponsor again or rent a room to assist them; could host a party in the room; decision will be made by officers via later discussion

Merchandise - Elbot works for a company that produces branded drinkware; they present what options we might take; general agreement that we will order 1 SKU of 24 wine glasses in the Raspberry with our logo laser engraved; cost is $12.50, will sell at $20; there was also discussion about getting a SKU of water bottles in Blue Metallic with logo screen printed in white, but the minimum order was 48 so we decided to wait on those

New Business

2020 Budget - presented by Bryan; recommend adding a $300 line item for free swag or prizes

2020 Vision - bettering communications through use of sites like Slack and Hootsuite

2020 Branding - Christian proposes new simplified logo, removing "Atlanta" and changing font; proposes using the "Out" portion of the logo to brand the SIGs, such as OutReaders; also presents logo celebrating our 20th anniversary; Leah suggests using d20 in the logo

20th Anniversary Party - proposes all-day gaming event, possibly at Axis Replay; July 4th is the July game night; Robert M will host, expecting small numbers; day for party decided to be July 11th; will flesh out plans for the day in the coming months

Open Floor

Charity Ideas - volunteer time only, not looking to solicit money; Rainbow House, Living Room, and Habitat for Humanity suggested; repurpose Outreach Committee to form charity committee

Video Game Nights - library system has options

12:18 pm - Adjourned