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Atlanta OutWorlders Business Meeting Minutes for 2018/10/20

Attendees: Travis, Robert M, Jen, Robert A, Christian, Elbot, Bryan

11:05 AM - Called to order

Officer Reports

President - Ordered Pride signage and purchased supplies under Proposal 2019-08-A ($200), coordinated a schedule with volunteers, set-up/closed down both days. Cost totaled: $193.70. Extra table covers and tape will be stored for future Game Nights and Picnics. Sent Kim S. and our Pride volunteers a “Thank You” email follow-up.

Vice-president - Delivered last-months Level-Up shirt order. Sold one Level-Up t-shirt at Pride.

Treasurer - Collected money for 8 t-shirt sales; costs for shirts has not been recorded yet. Awaiting final Pride Bucket Brigade totals.

Internet Coordinator (Vacant, duties performed by Vice President) - Added GoodReads component to homepage; Added an image ad to the homepage advertising t-shirts; Created an online order form for t-shirts; starting to receive more traffic from people searching for things to do; Renewed the SSL certificate for the website.

PR Coordinator - Added event pages and graphics on the website and ran event promotions for Game Night, Book Club, Movie Night and Pride, on the Facebook page, Facebook group, Instagram, and Twitter.


  • Facebook Page: 23 actions on-page in last month, 209 page views, 25 new likes, 25 new followers, 921post reach, 2060 post engagements.
  • Facebook Group: 34 posts, 45 comments, 237 reactions; 681 total members
  • Instagram: 225 followers Twitter: 74 followers
  • Events Coordinator (Vacant, duties performed by President, Vice President and coordinators of Book and Movie Nights) - Booked Game Night for January 4, 2020, at Metropolitan Library

Historian (vacant, duties performed by VP) – uploaded minutes to the wiki


Game Night 10/5 at Phillip Rush Center - 68 attendees, which was record-breaking attendance for Game Nights; donation question “Who would win in a Fight to the Death, Jason Voorhees or Michael Meyers”, Meyers won. T-shirts ordered at the picnic were given out at Game Night. Total Donations $37. Werewolf ATL hosted in the training room, a small breakout group played Code Names in the conference room, and the regular event space hosted general gaming; selfie-wall was also set up for the group photo; Next Game Night at Northwest Branch Library at Scotts Crossing on 11/2. VP recommends improving donations at game nights by asking at the sign-in table and directing attendees to our Venmo account

Movie Night – there was no movie for September. October potluck movie night was held at Robert’s house on 10/19; the movie was “Hocus Pocus”; attendance was around 12; total # to be confirmed at Nov meeting

Book Club - held on 9/21 at the Northwest Library at Scott’s Crossing and discussed “The Left Hand of Darkness” by Ursula K. Le Guin and had 13 attendees. October’s book club meeting was held on 10/19 at Kirkwood Library with 19 attendees. The book was “Vox” by Christina Dalcher. November’s book will be “The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet” by Becky Chambers and will be held on 11/16 at Kirkwood Library, 2-4 pm. December's Book will be "Old Man's War" by John Scalzi. The book club will vote for January's book at the November meeting. One attendee was able to create a voting app for ranking the book votes. Attendees are also considering a group name of “Outreaders”

Pride - Atlanta Pride was October 12–13, 2019. OutWorlders hosted gaming space at the double-decker pavilion space from 10 am–6 pm, both days. OutWorlders provided tabletop, party, and card games. The pavilion allowed five 6ft tables for gaming and two 6ft tables that held the games and supplies. Higher attendance was felt around noon to 6 pm, both days. OutWorlders gave out postcards and bracelets. Bucket Brigade volunteer shifts ran for 2 people for 2-hour shifts, staffed Saturday, 10 am–4 pm and Sunday 2 pm–6 pm. Pride gave us a special text code that users could digitally donate to Pride and OutWorlders. This was shared from our Facebook account, taped to the buckets, and taped to the entrance of our event space. Pride will share final tally with our Treasurer to report.


  • Create a small signage kit of supplies (plastic tub) to reduce storage at the pavilion.
  • Cut games in half; continue to bring small games, intro games, card games, and party games.
  • Saturday, arrive around 9 am and make sure to have Pride Contact number handy, as 2017 and 2019, the tables and chairs were not set-up and had to request delivery. Sunday team set-up around 10 am and keep around 2–3 volunteers from 10–12, as the park gets busier after the parade (setting up around 9 am was empty on Sunday). If possible, request a tent over the pavilion, as Sunday’s rain came into the pavilion and got games wet. The pavilion is also not ADA compliant for attendees that are in wheelchairs or have trouble moving upstairs; there was one attendee that was in a wheelchair that was helped upstairs.

Unfinished Business

Register as 501(c)(3) – needs bylaws committee work from Proposal 2019-9-A.

T-shirts for 2019 – t-shirts can now be ordered online via our main website

Correspondence updates – Axis Replay – to determine for 2020 venue for future video game night opportunity

Pronoun Name Badge Stickers – September determined too expensive; Travis to send design test to Robert M. to try to print labels in-house with Avery office products; suggested pronoun buttons to design and sale with OutWorlders branding.

Vote on September Proposals

Elections for December 2019 – continue to announce on social media; optionally all interested candidates can provide a few sentences of why they’d like to run; will require follow-up on communication to voting members

New Business

OutlantaCon 2020 – will be held on March 19-22 at Atlanta Marriott Buckhead Hotel; need to determine an Outworlder’s liaison to work with Andrew on needs for sponsoring game room and how much to sponsor when bucket brigade earnings provide clearer budgeting; suggested running “Just One” game instead of Jeopardy; possible prizes could be custom-dice tray via Robert A with OutWorlders branding or raffling for future donations

Open Floor for Topics


12:25 PM - Adjourned