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Atlanta OutWorlders Business Meeting Minutes for 2019/04/21

Attendees: Eric M, Christian H, Andrew S, Travis W, Leah F, Paul M, Bryan F

11:06 - Called to order


  • President - signed up 1 new sponsoring member and deposited dues into bank account; updated tagline across platforms; posted "Message From the President"; purchased name tags for game nights; purchased supplies for Spring Picnic; confirmed and paid for sponsorship of OutlantaCon; submitted proposal to fund Gaymer Pride Night; contacted Rush Center in re using their site for regular game nights
  • Vice-president - emailed sponsoring members about upcoming vote; researched non-profit statuses
  • Treasurer - electronic payment is viable; Square reader functional; Venmo account is "OutWorlders" and functioning; PayPal still not working; strategy for non-profit status under discussion
  • Public Relations Coordinator - ran promotions for April/May Game Nights, Spring Picnic, and Avengers Movie Outing; added pages and graphics for the aforementioned events on the website; contacted Georgia Voice; attended meeting of social group Belong.LGBT and discussed doing a crossover game night with them
  • Internet Coordinator (position vacant, duties performed by Christian) - upgraded website software to latest version; added preview images for events on front page; added heads-up region to top of event detail page; updated SEO plugin and added more structured data; added redirect for picnic voting
  • Historian (position vacant, duties performed by Christian) - uploaded 2017 minutes to wiki
  • Events Coordinator (position vacant, duties performed by Christian) - submitted Spring Picnic and upcoming Movie Outing to AJC's event website
  • Outreach Committee - Brad K and Luis met with owner of Spindle to discuss hosting of video game night(s); owner expressed interest; after discussing with his business partner, they agreed to host us; proposed first event date is June 15; Herb has 4 TVs to supply; members of the committee may be able to supply another 6; committee needs to see space to determine how many TVs it can accommodate; parking for the location is not free, so attendees should be warned ahead of time


  • March Movie Night - held at the Metropolitan Branch Library; 11 attendees, 1 first-timer; this was last movie night of the season, since our venue has fallen through; we'll hold a movie outing at the end of April, to see the Avengers movie (details on website)
  • April Game Night - held at Paul's house; 54 attendees, 14 first-timers; 12 buttons were exchanged for donations; donations received via paper money and Venmo; 1 new sponsoring membership; May Game Night is at Jack and Robert's house
  • Spring Picnic - held at McKoy Park; 26 attendees (based on headcount); donations received via paper money and Venmo; 5 entries to the Vibranium Chef contest; voting was done via the website and paper ballots; 1st prize was membership to OutlantaCon 2019, donated by OutlantaCon/Candace W
    • 1st place: Leah F
    • 2nd place: Brad K
    • 3rd place: Eric M

Unfinished Business

  • Update on "Excuse My ATL Sass" - the podcast requires physical donations from their participants (to be given to their listenership, as part of their business model); our events are free, so there are no tickets we can donate; we should definitely not offer sponsoring memberships, as that would not be productive and could disrupt our voting by not meeting quorum; motion to close the item given; motion passed
  • Update on OutWorlders Flyer - president brought mockup for approval; pictures from the picnic are still to be added; it was recommended that images of games be added to the back of the flyer; the flyer should be ready for May events (the OutlantaCon game room, particularly)

New Business

  • New Proposals:
    • 2019-04-A - proposal to host a video game night on June 15 at Spindle; organization allocates $100 for rental of video game equipment and services
    • 2019-04-B - proposal to register OutWorlders as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization; organization allocates $600 for fees; no changes to our operation are necessary, as we already provide the services/benefits to our community that are required to qualify
    • OutlantaCon Planning - we are sponsoring it at the $250 level; additional, we will be sponsoring the game room as well as hosting a Jeopardy panel on Saturday 5/11 at 10am; our banner will be displayed in the game room, and our T-stand will be displayed at the panel; a short speech should be given before the panel starts, to drum up interest in OutWorlders; Andrew S is organizing the game room this year and asks for volunteers to watch the game room in shifts; also, he wants to hold a Codenames tournament and asks us to supply the grand prize; we discussed tickets to a movie outing, Fandango gift cards, outworlders memberships, t-shirts, buttons, after-con dinner, and/or a pizza lunch as possible prizes; it was agreed we would hold a meetup in the first day of the con, 5/10 from 8 to 9:30, in the hotel bar; two tickets to the con were included in the sponsorship; Paul and Brian offer donations in exchange for them.