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Atlanta OutWorlders Business Meeting Minutes for 2019/03/17

Attendees: Travis W, Vader, Eric M, Christian H, Bil B, Paul, Leah F, Brad K

11:06am - Called to order

Reports and Recaps

  • President - created draft of Outworlders generic flyer, researched cost of printing
  • Vice-president - emailed sponsoring members about upcoming vote; began conceptualizing campaign for anti-harassment posters; began creating standards document on how to write and format proposals
  • Public Relations - established contact with The Q to promote events; submitted event promotions to The Q; ran promotions for March Game Night, March Movie Night, Spring Picnic, April Game Night, Movie Outing (Captain Marvel), and new buttons available for donations on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and the website
  • Internet Coordinator (position vacant, prepared by Christian) - transferred ownership of .info domain from OneWebHosting to NameCheap; Google now shows .org extension instead of .info
  • Outreach Committee - met again to meet with Luis M, to discuss possible venues; he had several suggestions; also discussed his upcoming event, Dames and Dregs; offered space to host a gaming venue at the festival; need to make venue visits, make up proposal for Dames and Dregs, and schedule the first event, perhaps in August
  • Movie Night Recap - 20 attendees, 2 newcomers; had potluck dinner and played Head's Up! before starting the movies
  • Game Night Recap - 46 attendees, 7 newcomers; 1 new membership; had new buttons available in exchange for donations; 28 were handed out and cost of purchasing the buttons was recouped
  • Movie Outing Recap - 9 attendees; short discussion held in lobby after movie; despite being a matinee some still found the cost prohibitive; others didn't want to pre-order tickets; perhaps going forward, try to defray costs by using different theater

Unfinished Business

  • OutlantaCon - Scott is not handling the game room this year; they have agreed to let us brand the room
  • Digital Payment Options - now on PayPal as "AtlantaOutworlders"
  • Meeting Minutes - minutes should properly be approved at the next meeting; draft will be posted to the website though
  • Vote on February Proposals
  • DragonCon Queerios - if we do host an event with them, we should ask to give a speech about the organization; also, plan an AOW-only meetup for Sunday at Fandangles (or Saturday, if Spectrum party on Sunday)
  • Excuse My ATL Sass - host is excited to do it, suggested mini bonus episode (15 minutes) in May; Eric and Brad are suggested as the participants/speakers
  • Spring Picnic Planning - scheduled for 4/20, 11am to 4pm, at McKoy Park; booked by Paul, to be reimbursed; there is electricity, so we should bring fan(s) if hot out; Candace has donated OutlantaCon membership for 1st place winner; Christian will coordinate the voting; Paul will bring his leafblower to clean the space

New Business

  • 6-Month Movie Night Evaluation - we are not bringing in numbers high enough to justify to Oscar's hours, so we are losing our venue; people's homes are our only other free options, such as Robert's basement or Paul's yard; may need to procure projector and/or screen; decided not to have any more votes on which movies will be shown, since people not attending are determining the choices; in lieu of April Movie Night, will have group outing to see Avengers: Endgame; will discuss venue with attendees at March Movie Night
  • 2019 Pride Planning - 10/11 to 10/13; need to order new signs; scheduled Pride planning meeting for after April Business Meeting
  • Gaymer Night - 7/25, 6pm to 10pm; need to provide food; should also provide map to Rush Center, since map apps sent people to the wrong location last year

Open Floor for Discussion

  • Travis to send out President's announcement about changing branding from LGBT to LGBTQ+, and about our anti-harassment policy; maybe should have quarterly bulletin
  • Have been asked about how donations are being used; need to develop elevator speech

12:55pm - Adjourned