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Atlanta OutWorlders Business Meeting Minutes for 2019/02/17

Attendees: Travis W, Christian H, Eric M, Leah F, Robert M, Vader, Brad K, Bryan F

11:08 - Called to order


Kay asks how to vote; she was directed to email

Officer Reports

  • President - created March and April game night events on Facebook; outlined PR position's roles and responsibilities; designed and researched pricing for generic Outworlders flyer and for buttons; contacted OutlantaCon about sponsorship and developed proposal to submit at meeting; rewrote mission statement and developed proposal to submit at meeting; was contacted by 20th Century Fox in re Battle Angel Alita screening on 1/31
  • Vice-President - wrote requirements and expectations for appointed officer positions and added to the wiki; began adapting email templates into editable templates for use in messaging sponsoring members; attended Outreach committee meeting and a few video game nights around the city
  • Internet Coordinator (position vacant, duties performed by Christian) - added officer images to Contact page; fixed image scaling issue in Events page
  • Treasurer - reports that to get a Square account, it's free to apply, $50 for a chip reader, transactional fee of approximately $0.41; Venmo account is still tied to Bil's phone number; will likely discontinue use in exchange for PayPal; annual Georgia Corporate Registration completed; eliminated paper statement for bank account; to apply for 501(c)3 or 501(c)7 status will cost the same fee; not going to apply for either this year; submitted statement of financial position; submitted budget for approval
  • Public Relations Coordinator - reactivated Instagram and Twitter accounts; created accounts for NextDoor, Reddit, EventBrite, and Blip; ran promotions for game and movie nights on Facebook and the previously mentioned apps; added graphics to website events

General Orders and Unfinished Business

  • Game Night Recap - held at Jack and Robert's; 54 attendees, 5 newcomers; Pepsi v Coke donation challenge was a success; 5 new sponsoring members; next game night is 3/2 at the Metropolitan Branch Library
  • Movie Night Recap - held at Metropolitan Branch Library library; 11 attendees, 3 newcomers; start was awkward, with no activities or natural way to mingle planned; next movie night is 2/23 at the Buckhead Branch Library; potluck dinner to be held concurrently
  • Outreach Committee Proposal Vote - 10 votes for, none opposed
  • Summary of Survey Results - only 7 respondents, which is too few to accurately judge the results; suggested we have a quarterly survey

New Business

  • Outreach Committee - committee met to consider options; members visited multiple video game nights held around Atlanta to observe how they are run and to determine preferences for venues; contacted Herb, who runs many such events, to facilitate our event; he has agreed to give us a discount in the beginning; agreed upon a first run on 4/20 but was not able to procure a venue in time to make this happen
  • Spring Picnic Planning - date is decided to be 4/20; mayonnaise is the secret ingredient; Christian submits proposal to allocate money towards food, supplies, and venue; proposal to be voted on at next meeting
  • Proposal to Redefine Mission Statement - submitted by Travis, to better align with our actual practices and better define our desired membership; proposal to be voted on at next meeting
  • Proposal to Sponsor OutlantaCon 2019 - submitted by Travis, to support local LGBTQ convention and reach a wider audience; proposal to be voted on at next meeting
  • Proposal to Purchase Swag Item - submitted by Travis, to purchase buttons to hand out in exchange for donation; proposal to be voted on at next meeting
  • Proposal to Purchase Flyers - submitted by Travis, to print a generic flyer for general use at events; proposal to be voted on at next meeting

Open Floor

  • Vader recommends we go on his friend's podcast, "Excuse My ATL Sass"
  • Leah contacted DragonCon Queerios group admin to ask about coordinating events with them; she was open to DC events but not with non-DC events, because she is not local and wants to maintain ownership; we should discuss how we want to coordinate with them
  • Brian asks if we contact members around the new year to solicit memberships for the coming year; Christian says he did, this year

12:21 - Adjourned