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Atlanta OutWorlders Business Meeting Minutes for 2018/09/16

11:08 - Called to order

Officers' reports:

  • VP may resign
  • Treasurer report: received dues for 1 new member at picnic and 1 new member at Sept game night

Old Business:

  • Summer Picnic Recap - successful; new voting system worked well; citronella candles/torches next time? incident w/ Candace unfortunate
  • DragonCon Recap - have DC meetup on Sat/Sun night which is NOT the same night as the Spectrum Party; or on Friday? we should try to work with Queerios group to co-sponsor events; get ribbons for next year!
  • Sept Game Night Recap - received good donations; one complained about lack of ice; add ice to list of host duties?
  • Oct Game Night Prep: Halloween themed; encourage costumes and spooky games
  • Bylaw/Proposal Votes:
  • First Movie Night: on Sept 28th, showing "The Last Starfighter" and "Stargate"; costumes encouraged
  • PRIDE planning: Not at the Pavilion this year, but a double tent with 12 tables; more shirts for Volunteers are available; new banner still needed; Travis has found one for $65; more Volunteers needed to cover the tent and for the bucket brigade
  • Budget wishlist for 2019: money for prizes, shirts, badges, etc? Begin compiling wishlist everyone!

New Business:

  • Orpheus Brewing has offered to host us; no outside booze but a "steep" discount on their product
  • Future Game Nights: November at Heritage Center, hosted by Bryan; December at Robert and Jack's house

12:20 - Meeting adjourned