2018-08 Proposals

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Proposal for AOW Movie Nights

Date: August 19, 2018
Author: Vader
Status: Approved (2018-09-16)

AOW Movie Nights will occur once per month on the fourth Friday of every month from 7 – 12am. Atlanta-Fulton Public Libraries has graciously offered to partner with us, providing both venue (library branches) and a vast amount of movies for us to choose from each month. Both the venue and the resources will come at no cost to AOW. We will be playing 1 – 2 movies per night, depending on the length of the headlining film. Participants will be asked to sign-in as a way to track event participation. At the beginning of each Movie Night we will have an activity/game related to that night’s movies/genre, and a winner will be declared. Throughout the night, participants will be encouraged to vote via paper ballot for the sci-fi genre of their choice; if they do not like the genres suggested, they may write one in. The results of the vote will be tallied at the end of the night and the next month’s genre will be announced at the closing of the event. The winner of the night’s activity will decide what movie headlines next time, based on the winning genre vote and availability in the AFPL’s selection. Participants are encouraged to bring snacks, drinks, booze, and to have a good time! Because of the presence of alcohol, this event is 21+. In the event that the main host (myself) is unable to attend that evening, it is their responsibility to find a sponsoring member of Outworlders to sub for the evening and to notify the President of any such changes.

See you at the movies, Outworlders!