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Atlanta OutWorlders Business Meeting Minutes for 2018/08/19

Attendees: Travis W, Nick, Travis M, Leah, Bil, Christian, Vader, Christopher, Jamar, Danny

10:35 am - Called to order

Old Business:

  • August Game Night Recap: 55 people attended; gained $25 in donations, plus one new sponsoring member
  • Gaymer Night Recap: went well, but turnout was lower than expected, probably because of issues with Apple maps; gained $42 in donations
  • Bylaw Proposals: proposals were not posted in time to allow for voting; postponed until September meeting
  • PRIDE Planning: pavilion and bucket brigade volunteers needed; Bil to coordinate; t-shirt available for purchase to volunteers; sign up sheet and size selection available at picnic; new vinyl banner still to be ordered; possible giveaways suggested include business cards, 4x5s, bookmarks
  • Movie Night: Vader to host movie nights (a proposal) at Fulton County public libraries, in conjunction with Oscar; venues are free and have many movies available; after hours events allow for alcohol, so 21+ events only

New Business:

  • Registering Logo: Travis working to trademark or copyright our logo

10:55 am - Adjourned