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Atlanta OutWorlders Business Meeting Minutes for 2018/02/18

Attendees: Christian, Travis M, Kevin, Leah, Brad, Bil

11:04 - Meeting called to order

Discussed sponsoring the Spectrum Party at Dragon*Con 2018; cost would be $500; benefit would be to get our name in the literature as a sponsor; negative would be that most con-goers are from out of town so would not be our target demographic

Treasurer reports a gain of $80 in sponsoring membership fees since last meeting; treasurer also reports that new checks were ordered

Discussed our potential involvement with/sponsorship of OutlantaCon 2018; if we run the game room, we will need a volunteer to spearhead the effort

Discussed the February game night; according to Facebook, 51 people were interested and 32 said they were going; actual attendance was 46; of that 46, 13 wrote that they were a sponsoring member, but this is likely not true in all cases because some don't know that their membership was only for the calendar year; we need to post an announcement that sponsoring membership lapses and must be re-upped every year; we received $33 in donations

Discussed options for further fundraising; raffles were suggested; options for raffle prizes could include OutlantaCon passes or 50% of the received funds

Location of March game night is Jack and Robert's house

Discussed upcoming Spring Picnic; decided to have it on April 22nd, which is the 3rd Sunday, and to hold the business meeting before or during the picnic; location has yet to be determined, but the location of the previous Spring Picnic was recommended; Robert organized the reservation of the space last year, so we will ask him to do so again

Received an update on the website from the Internet Coordinator; January's minutes are being hosted on the site, and further minutes will be posted to the site instead of Facebook; a link to the minutes will be shared on Facebook; currently, the ability to upload files via the front end is not working

Old business:

  • Vote was held on the 2018 budget proposed in January; the budget was adopted by a vote of 7-0
  • Vote was held on the bylaw amendments proposed in January; the amendments were adopted by a vote of 5-0

New business:

  • Proposal for 21 amendments to the bylaws is presented, as per changes discussed in a special meeting called for that purpose; amendment D is withdrawn following adoption of the previous change to the bylaw in earlier vote; proposed amendments will be posted to the website, attached to these minutes
  • Proposal to adopt an app or card swiping device to allow for electronic submission of membership money or donations, such as Venmo, Cash, or PayPal; treasurer will investigate
  • Proposal to create committee to organize a group trip to the Renaissance Faire
  • Results of the online survey are presented; 12 respondents; full results will be posted to the Admin group

11:55 - Meeting adjourned