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Called to Order

11:05 AM - Sunday, January 15, 2023


Robert Allen (President), Leah Frey (Vice-President), Bryan Faris (Treasurer), Christian Hain (Secretary), Brandon Welch (PR Coordinator), Robert Marshall (Elections Coordinator)

Reading and Approval of Minutes

December minutes approved



Elected Officer Reports


Report to be sent later this week


  • Submitted minutes for last month
  • Transitioned President Duties to Robert Allen


  • Not certain what to put in report.
  • Outstanding: Need to contact Paul Mitchell about using his house as an event venue


  • Met with Leah to transition Vice-President duties
  • Went to Woofs to scope out venue and potential use as venue for Game Day. Posted short video in Slack showing space. Room to the side is mostly unused, has dart boards, windows, is quieter than the rest of the bar. Spoke to GM, they would welcome us, will bring as many extra tables and chairs as they have. Food and Drinks ordered at the bar (similar to Guac y Margy’s). Main concern is whether or not they will have enough tables, probably have enough for 30-40 people, but probably not enough for 50-60. Parking is tight, but there is a lot of street parking including median under overpass. No security during the day, make sure to let people know not to leave valuables. Would love to hear everyone’s opinion after February’s game day. Gendered restrooms.
  • Need to add Daries games to Game Library - asking for a halt in game donations

Special Orders

Robert Allen nominated Brandon Welch as 2023 PR Coordinator. Leah Frey, Bryan Faris, Christian Hain voted in favor. Brandon Welch confirmed as 2023 PR Coordinator.

Appointed Officer Reports

Events Coordinator

Vacant. Duties performed by Robert Allen

  • Out@theMovies: No movie night
  • Book Club hasn’t met
  • Game Night: Held at Mouse’s House, 57 attendees (14 new). Parking was “crazy,” may need a parking announcement next time. Received $10 contribution.
  • Happy Hour: Held at Sister Louisa’s Church, 11 attendees (4 new) met at 7, started setting up for comedy at 9:30, attendees were asked to move. Some attendees say they don’t really play boardgames
  • Upcoming Events:
    • Book Club: Circe by Madeline Miller
    • Out@theMovies: To be hosted at Mouse’s studio. To screen Dr. Horrible with subtitles. Doors open at 7:00 PM, movie starts at 7:30 PM.
  • February Events:
    • Game Day: at Woofs
    • Happy Hour: Nominations for My Sister’s Room. Robert Allen wants to visit East Point bars before suggesting them, doesn’t seem to be any LGBTQ+ owned bars, but many LGBTQ+ friendly. Brandon suggested “The T” in Grant Park. Decided on My Sister’s Room, Thursday, February 16th.
    • OutReaders Book Club: Will meet Saturday, Febrary 18 to read This is How you Lose the Time War by Amal El-Mohtar.
    • Out@theMovies: Tentatnly scheduling Ant-Man and Wasp February 25 around 7PM.
  • March Events
    • Game Day: Woofs (tentative)
    • Happy Hour: March 16 @ TBD (tentative)
    • OutReaders: March 19 TBD

Public Relations Coordinator

  • Facebook: Gained three Facebook Group members, gained three Facebook Page likes
  • Instagram: Gained six Instagram followers
  • Twitter: Gained two Twitter followers

Internet Coordinator

Online Store: Discussed bringing merchandise to events and selling there, discussed selling donated D&D Dice (2-D20, 2-D6, 2-D10, 1-D4, 1-D12)


Committee and SIG Reports

Bylaws Committee

No update.

Out@theMovies SIG

No update.

OutReaders SIG

No update.

Unfinished Business

  • Bylaws: Robert Allen would like to resume Bylaws Committee Meetings. Christian to schedule a time to meet via Zoom.

New Business

  • Game Library: Form a Games Library Committee to address questions. The committee's purpose is to answer the following questions: “what do we have? What do we not have/gaps to fill, what do we do with games no one is playing, what do we do with games that are in shrink wrap, should we buy games, if so- which ones?”
    • Unanimous - Robert Allen to lead committee
  • OutlantaCon 2023: Event is in March. Leah talked to JLP about leading Jeopardy “a while back”. OutlantaCon asked us to find a game librarian, but nobody was available. Leah to try and coordinate with OutlantaCon. Discussed lending Ken’s donated games and potentially the entire library.
  • Name Tags: Mouse to look into re-printing name tags
  • Sign-in Sheets: Need more sheets with updated OutWorlders logo? Christian to coordinate

Open Floor

  • Fiber Arts SIG: Leah is looking to gauge interest in creating a new SIG.
  • Fundraising: Need to look into fundraising possibilities. Christian suggests 50/50 raffels.
  • Picnic: May picnic / Vibranium Chef competition? Move to the Agenda item.


The next meeting is February 19, 2023 at 11 AM


12:23 - Adjourned.

Submitted by Christian Hain, January 31, 2023