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OutWorlders, Inc. Regular Meeting Minutes for 2022-08-17

Attendees: Christian Hain (President), Robert Allen (Vice-President), Bryan Faris (Treasurer), Brandon Welch (PR Coordinator)

11:10 AM - Called to Order

Reading and Approval of Minutes

Note Andy submitted their resignation on August 29, bringing our membership down to 17 members. Four people are needed for a quorum.

  • July Minutes - Unanimous Approval
  • August Minutes - Approved (3 for, 1 abstain)


  • Andy Shavers’ Resignation
  • Sent Pride a copy of our logo

Officer Reports

  • President:
  • Vice-President:
  • Treasurer: No change in financial position, in a surplus situation; current membership is 17. President intends not to run for re-election and asks that Vice-President be added to the signatory list.
  • Secretary:
  • Events Coordinator:
    • Past Events
      • Movie Night in August, Three Thousand Years of Longing, 12 people attended. Attendance suggests people are more interested in watching movies in theaters vs. someone’s home. Question: Is it obvious who OutWorlders are at the theater? No - Brandon was wearing his shirt, but nothing else showed people. After the movie, people stuck around for 10-15 minutes to discuss the movie, then disbanded. Brandon expresses interest in an OutWorlders hat.
      • Game Day in August, 23 people attended. Brandon noticed a lot of new people, more women. No problems, but another event was scheduled with Stonewall Sports that weekend. Most people started to leave around 6:00. Robert wants to continue to try 1-7 a few more times to see
      • OutReaders: Five people attended, one new.
    • Upcoming Events:
      • Out@theMovies will be watching Vesper in theaters in September, date and time will be announced when tickets are available (September 30 release date).
      • Happy Hour is happening next Tuesday.
      • Discussed October events: Game Night, Pride, Happy Hour (decided on My Parent’s Basement on October 12), OutReaders (The Moon is a Harsh Mistress by Robert Heinlein), Out@theMovies (TBD).
      • Discussed November events: Game Day (Guac y Margy’s TBD), Happy Hour (Do we want to try a Lesbian bar? Thursday 10th), Out@theMovies (TBD).
  • Public Relations Coordinator: Major increase in Instagram, all other socials also increasing. DragonCon and Guac y Margy’s cross-posting may be a factor. Discuss potential October Posts (Advertise for Pride).
  • Internet Coordinator: Vacant, no report.
  • Historian: Vacant, no report.

Special Orders

  • Robert Marshall to be nominated for Elections Coordinator

Committee and SIG Reports

  • Bylaws Committee: No update.
  • Out@theMovies SIG: No report.
  • OutReaders SIG: Read Invisible Things by Matt Johnson. Had one new person attend; they didn’t read the book but did attend to say they were interested in joining the club in the future. Participants mostly liked the book.

Unfinished Business

  • 501(c)3 Registration: No update.
  • 2022 Pride: Pride applications are open and due by September 23rd. Bryan Faris to make sure we’re clear for Bucket Brigade. Need to finalize the volunteer schedule. Need to find out who has the yard signs. Discussed Vynl Banner. What games do we want to bring? Discussed providing Snacks/Drinks for Volunteers. We need table covers.

New Business


Open Floor

  • Historian Position: Streamline positions and get rid of ones like historians.
  • Outlantacon: Need to start those discussions.
  • Game Library: What games do we have? What games should we have? Robert to share Google Spreadsheet for the game library.


12:42 PM - Adjourned.

Submitted by Christian Hain, September 18, 2022