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OutWorlders, Inc. Regular Meeting Minutes for 2022-07-17

11:05 AM - Called to Order

Reading and Approval of Minutes

May and June Minutes approved.



Officer Reports

  • President: Co-hosted game day and happy hour/anniversary party with Vice-President. Received an email from Pride, no further action needed at this time.
  • Vice-President: Planned anniversary party with President.
  • Treasurer: Asked if there are any reimbursements for Anniversary party. No other news to report.
  • Secretary: No report.
  • Events Coordinator: Vacant, Duties performed by Vice-President. Out@theMovies was cancelled for June. OutReaders met to read Halfway Human by Carolyn Ives Gilman, three people attended. Game Night was at Guac y Margys, 32 people attended. Happy Hour/Anniversary Party was held at Battle & Brew, 10 people attended.
  • Public Relations Coordinator: Increase in followers across all platforms, but a decrease in reach and visits. Most likely because there weren’t any paid promotions for the month as compared to June.
  • Internet Coordinator: Vacant, no report.
  • Historian: Vacant, no report.

Committee and SIG Reports

  • Bylaws Committee: No update.
  • Out@theMovies SIG: Cancelled previous event.
  • OutReaders SIG: Discussed Halfway Human by Carolyn Ives Gilman; three people attended; unanimous positive verdict.

Unfinished Business

  • 501(c)3 Registration: No update.
  • Fundraiser Possibilities: No update.
  • 2022 Pride: Waiting for volunteer applications to open.
  • 2022 Anniversary Party: Rented VIP room for 2.5 hours; the space had two console stations and a VR station; used gift card won at last trivia event to order five appetizers and applied remaining balance to room fees. Ten people attended.

New Business


12:00 PM - Adjourned.

Submitted by Christian Hain, August 21, 2022