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OutWorlders, Inc. Regular Meeting Minutes for 2021/05/16

Attendees: Bryan Faris (Treasurer), Robert Allen (Vice-President), Christian Hain (President), Andrew Segal (Event Coordinator), Leah Frey

11:03 AM - Called to Order

Reading and Approval of Minutes

April minutes approved


Reviewed two Facebook Direct Messages. Vice-President notes that when people are asked what their favorite games are, they respond with a video game.

Officer Reports

  • Treasurer: No updates.
  • Secretary: No Report.
  • President: Met with Vice-President to discuss Game Library; received Game Library stickers; created the initial design for “library card”; scheduled to meet with Darie about Bylaws this afternoon.
  • Vice-President: Purchased 6 storage bins, donating 4; received the first batch of games from Ken; preliminary research on storage companies.
  • Events Coordinator: Held two Book Clubs, Movie Night, Game Night, and Happy Hour. Discussed how to select movies for movie night. Discussed playing Werewolf for game night and Just One as a backup in case Werewolf ATL cannot host. Discussed hosting Happy Hour on the 15th to add some time between game night and happy hour. Discussed linking Twitter events to the website instead of Facebook. Game night has the most Linktree clicks
  • Public Relations Coordinator: Increase in Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter Members/Followers.
  • Internet Coordinator: Created Google Ad campaign for OutReaders; no ads clicked so far; Created Promo landing page for OutReaders that includes book cover, a brief description of the group, and a link to the Facebook event.
  • Historian: Vacant.

Committee and SIG Reports

  • Bylaws Committee: No updates. Meeting with Darie after Regular Business Meeting
  • Out@theMovies SIG: Movie night was good, four attendees, all agreed Charlize Theron was amazing. A lot of text chatter and the group discussed the movie afterward. The movie had some gay characters.
  • OutReaders SIG: Read The Fifth Season by N. K. Jemisin. Unanimous thumbs up, the group wants to read the rest of the trilogy. There was a throuple (bi man, gay man, straight woman) and a trans character; the author wrote the characters so that it wasn’t a big deal.

Unfinished Business

  • 501(c)3 Registration: No updates.

  • Merchandise: Discussed holding off on ordering mugs for a few months due to increased inventory of sweaters and masks.

  • Game Library: Stickers received; will need to order more to accomodate new donations; need to figure out storage soluions; will need to figure out chain-of-custody mechanisim to track games; consider a custodian position.

    Ken delivered first batch of donations with the condition that all the games he donates be taken to OutlantaCon. Decided that Ken’s donation will be the only one we accept with such terms.

    Reviewed proposed Library Card which is intended to be loose in the box; also intended to be printed double-sided on lavendar cardstock; will add instruction on what to do when the card is full. Decided we don’t need to know number of players or if the game was enjoybale; will simplify design to include only date and initials.

  • Black Lives Matter:

  • Resuming In-Person Operations, Cons, and Pride 2021 Discussed how to resume operations in July, suggestions include “used” vs “unused” game piles/pen buckets, hand-sanitizer at all tables, gloves, outdoor events for first few events, “under GA law” signs, encouraging (not requiring) masks, separate eating and gaming areas. Discussed DragonCon, AWA and Pride, discussed advertising at AWA and DragonCon Schedule Book, Bucket Brigade and Marching at Pride (decided we will not march). Need to find Pride contacts.

  • OutWorlders 21st Anniversary Will combine first game event with anniversary.

New Business

  • Discussed using Meetup as a replacement for Facebook events. RSVP features should help with attendance reporting.

12:28 PM - Adjourned

Submitted by Christian Hain, June 20, 2021