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OutWorlders, Inc. Regular Meeting Minutes for 2021/04/18

Attendees: Bryan Faris (Treasurer), Andy Shavers (Secretary), Robert Allen (Vice-President), Christian Hain (President), Andrew Segal (Event Coordinator), Robert Marshall, Leah Frey, Ken Fernandez.

11:05 - Called to Order

Reading and Approval of Minutes

March minutes approved

Officer Reports

  • President: Ordered 50 Game Box Labels as a trial run for the current Game Library.
  • Vice-President: Working with Secretary to create a numbering system for the game library. Will begin numbering them once the stickers arrive.
  • Treasurer: Corporate registration was renewed in March.
  • Secretary: No Report.
  • Events Coordinator: Held book club, game night, happy hour, and movie nights. Asks if we should do anything for the fifth Saturday; Suggestions include a drive-in movie. Suggests movie night should be planned weeks in advance (two to five weeks); movie selections will change when we meet in person. Notes Facebook has issues sharing events from page to group; discussed how to increase attendance and engagement, suggestions include giving a background of the movie.
  • Public Relations Coordinator: Vacant. Duties performed by Vice President. Facebook and Twitter members/followers increased, Instagram followers decreased. Still working to increase Twitter following. Discussed whether or not we want to allow Pages to follow the group; should be situtional (comic and game shops, for example, would be good); President offers to help with Facebook.
  • Internet Coordinator: Updated SSL certificates, noted continued search results for book club.
  • Historian: Vacant.

Committee and SIG Reports

  • Bylaws Committee: No updates.
  • Out@theMovies SIG: Discussed during Public Relations Coordinator’s report.
  • OutReaders SIG: Read The Dark Beyond the Stars by Frank M. Robinson. Only two people attended, awkward conversation; Leah suggests pandemic-fatique may be kicking in; secretary suggests adding Manga and graphic novels to the reading list; in-person meetings may increase attendance; president suggests running a paid ad for book club.

Unfinished Business

  • 501(c)3 Registration: No updates.
  • Merchandise: On hold.
  • Game Library: Game library growing; Vice-president donated four see-through containers; Ken offers donating games. Discussed storage options, suggests include sharing storage and getting a storage locker. Discussed keeping the numbering system separate from “donated-by” labels.
  • Black Lives Matter: No updates, but issues still exist (especially around voting); would like to continue supporting but need to make sure that we don’t risk 501(c)3 status, could promote other groups or participate with them.

New Business

  • Resuming In-Person Operations, Cons, and Pride 2021 Discussed how to resume operations in July, suggestions include “used” vs “unused” game piles/pen buckets, hand-sanitizer at all tables, gloves, outdoor events for the first few events, “under GA law” signs, encouraging (not requiring) masks, separate eating and gaming areas. Discussed DragonCon, AWA, and Pride; discussed advertising at AWA and DragonCon Schedule Book, Bucket Brigade, and Marching at Pride. Need to find Pride contacts.
  • OutWorlders 21st Anniversary Will combine the first game event with the anniversary.

12:49 PM - Adjourned

Submitted by Christian Hain, May 16, 2021