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OutWorlders, Inc. Regular Meeting Minutes for 2021/12/20

Attendees: Robert Allen (Vice-President), Christian Hain (President), Bryan Faris (Treasurer), Leah Frey (Secretary), Robert Marshall (Elections Coordinator), Ken Fernandez, Chad Triggs.

11:07 AM - Called to Order

Reading and Approval of Minutes

November Minutes approved.

Officer Reports

  • President: Received masks, started promoting and offering masks; Received hoodies, shipped one to Illinois, packed all orders, and began local deliveries; sent an email to confirm delivery address and times, and Robert Allen sent a post on Facebook.
  • Vice-President: Announced Donation of $500 to Trans Housing Coalition on November 20, Trans Day of Remembrance.
  • Treasurer: Asks members to submit 2021 budget ideas; sent a donation to Trans Housing Coalition; one new member for 2020 and 2021.
  • Secretary: No report.
  • Events Coordinator: OutReaders met virtually in November to discuss Obskura by Joe Hart, eight people attended; OutWorlders held first virtual happy hour, “rousing success,” one member requested Among Us or JackBox for next game night, recommends continuing Happy Hour and perhaps trying a weeknight; Held virtual Codenames, 14 people attended throughout the night, played five games, one new member; Christian showed off masks; OutReaders met virtually again in December to discuss Lovecraft Country by Matt Ruff; Christian would like to see something happen with Out@theMovies SIG, perhaps something less formal; Group discussed the first event after quarantine is over, liked the idea of an outdoor event but not budgeting for a large event in case we can’t meet;
  • Public Relations Coordinator: Posting more social media posts on LGBTQ+ causes and observances, also posting more sci-fi and fantasy leanings and “holidays”.
  • Internet Coordinator: Domain and hosting expenses submitted to Treasurer.
  • Historian: No report.
  • Elections Coordinator: Received votes via email and text, announced election results at 11:58 AM; Bryan Faris elected Treasurer; Andy Shavers elected Secretary; Robert Allen elected Vice-President; Christian Hain elected President.

Committee and SIG Reports

  • Bylaws Committee: No report.
  • Out@theMovies Sig: Suspended.
  • OutReaders Sig: Met virtually in November to discuss Obskura by Joe Hart, eight people attended; met virtually again in December to discuss Lovecraft Country by Matt Ruff. Five people attended and gave the book a thumbs up.

Unfinished Business

  • 501(c)3 Registration: No updates.
  • Merchandise: No updates.
  • Game Library: No updates.
  • Black Lives Matter: Sweaters and masks have arrived; Sweater quality is “amazing” but had difficulties during production; Mask quality less than expected, the resolution is blurry; Pre-orders paid for, packaged, and ready for delivery; Emails sent to coordinate delivery, one order already shipped to Illinois via USPS; Donation completed as noted in Treasurer's report; submitted invoice for $1,903.79.
  • Proposal 2020-08-A. Reimburse Christian for OutWorlders Shirts: 9 votes for, 0 opposed. Proposal passes 11:57 AM.

New Business

  • Mask Inventory: Christian asked what to do with mask inventory, about 90 are in stock; Group does not want to suddenly give masks away and potentially upset those who already donated for them; Ken suggests offering them as prizes if we need to, but we don’t currently have winners for our games; Leah suggests giving one as a gift for hoodie orders; Robert M. suggests raffling them; Robert A. suggests giving them to those who sign up for a membership, Christian does not want to tie swag to membership; Robert A. suggests having people who have masks send them for us to post on Instagram or use #outworlders, will reach out to Eric M. and see if he has any ideas.
  • Virtual Happy Hour: would like to try alternating the second Tuesday and fourth Saturday.
  • OutReaders Ranked Voting: Robert A. if asks if anybody knows any free solutions to do Ranked Voting.

12:08 PM - Adjourned

Submitted by Christian Hain, January 17, 2021