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Atlanta OutWorlders Business Meeting Minutes for 2020/07/19

Attendees: Christian H, Rob A, Bryan F, Leah F, Robert M

11:02 am - Called to order


June’s minutes reviewed; some changes requested; will resubmit in August

Officer Reports

  • President - received 4 t-shirts from vendor, distributed 1 upon payment; reached out to OutlantaCon in re “Level Up” collaboration; created 20th anniversary logo; hosted 5th bylaws meeting; granted Zoom account access to Rob A, Robert M, and Leah F
  • Vice-President - reports that libraries are only re-opening to allow for drop off/pick up; no public entry allowed
  • Treasurer - reports 1 shirt ordered in the last month; little change in budget due to shutdown
  • Secretary - June minutes posted; hosted virtual Pictionary
  • Events Coordinator (position vacant, duties shared by board) - difficulties reported with Zoom on Game Night; discussed purchasing a full year subscription, since we intend to keep business meetings virtual; next game night: Jackbox Games! hosted by Robert M; other ideas included Codenames, Jeopardy, Dungeons and Dragons one-offs
  • Public Relations (position vacant, duties performed by VP) - posted 20th anniversary message on 2020/07/15; plan to resume thrice weekly postings Internet Coordinator (position vacant, duties performed by Pres) - renewed SSL certificates for another 3 months

SIG/Event Recaps

  • July Game Night - held 2020/07/11 virtually using Zoom; played Pictionary; 10 attendees, none new; issues with Zoom actually cut that number, since some did not rejoin after the session timed out around 7:20 pm; played until around 9 pm
  • July OutReaders Meeting - held 2020/07/18 virtually using Google Meet; 7 attendees, none new; discussed* Parable of the Sower* by Octavia E Butler; selected options for September’s book, to be voted on using Survey Monkey; also discussed changing book selection process, but most agreed no change was necessary

Upcoming Events

  • July Bylaws Meeting - to be held 2020/07/27 virtually; members expect to finalize draft at this meeting
  • Out@theMovies - suspended indefinitely
  • August Game Night - to be held 2020/08/01 virtually; expect to play Jackbox games, hosted by Robert M
  • August OutReaders Meeting - to be held 2020/08/15 virtually; will discuss Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes and select October’s book
  • August Business Meeting - to be held 2020/08/16 virtually

Unfinished Business

  • 501(c)3 Registration - ongoing
  • Merchandise - suspended
  • Monthly Video Game Nights - suspended
  • Game Library - suspended
  • COVID-19 - ongoing
  • Rush Center and GAYMER Events - suspended
  • OutlantaCon - Ed deGruy resumes chairperson-ship of event; is amenable to collaboration; we are not sure what that might involve; would like to be more involved in the game room, in re decorations and events; Christian H volunteers to attend OutlantaCon planning meetings as Outworlders representative
  • Black Lives Matter - we are unsure what we can do to support the movement; Leah volunteers to reach out to Eric M for advice/ideas

New Business


Open Floor

OutReaders visibility - currently only posting updates to the sub-group, limiting the audience; recommend posting to page/group at large to encourage greater participation

11:54 am - Adjourned