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Atlanta OutWorlders Business Meeting Minutes for 2020/06/21

Attendees: Rob A, Robert M, Christian H, Leah F, Bryan F

11:02 am - Called to order


April and May minutes approved

Officer Reports

  • President - changed page and group images for #BlackoutTuesday; modified logo to use colors supporting Black Lives Matter and Trans Lives Matter movements; hosted virtual Just One for June Game Night; received order for 4 Level Up! shirts; made critical updates to website
  • Vice-President - has not heard from Fulton county libraries since email burst announcing July 1st reopening; posted in support of Black Lives Matter and Trans Lives Matter movements; received email from Gayellow Pages about listing OutWorlders in it, asking for confirmation/correction of entry; asked them to just refer to us as OutWorlders, Inc, to use .org site/email, to refer to board games in our description, and to remove mention of a physical address; received return email from Rush Center saying they would reach out to us after plans to re-open were established
  • Treasurer - budget stagnant due to COVID-19
  • Secretary - April minutes re-submitted; May minutes submitted

Event Recaps

  • May Out@theMovies Night - to be held 05/24/2020; canceled shortly before it would begin due to Netflix removing the movie from its site
  • June Game Night - held 06/06/2020 virtually, using Zoom; played Just One; hosted by Christian; 8 attendees; lasted around 2 hours
  • June OutReaders Meetup - held 06/20/2020 virtually, using Google Meet; moderated by Wendy; 6 attendees, 1 new; discussed Hild by Nicola Griffith

Upcoming Events

  • June Bylaws Committee Meeting - to be held 06/27/2020, virtually
  • June Out@theMovies Night - none for June
  • July Game Night - none on the 1st Saturday, which is the 4th of July; Leah volunteers to host a game via Zoom on 07/11/2020, game TBD
  • July OutReaders - to be held 07/18/2020, virtually; will discuss Parable of the Sower by Octavia E. Butler
  • July Out@theMovies Night - TBD

Unfinished Business

  • 501(c)3 Registration - meeting to be held next weekend (06/27/2020), virtually; Christian will send out a draft of the bylaws via GoogleDocs
  • Merchadise - Christian considering ordering soon; however, lack of physical meet-ups may cause the inventory to stagnate
  • 20th Anniversary Party - due to COVID-19, there will be no party this year; matter is closed
  • Monthy Video Game Nights - discussion on hold
  • Game Library - discussion on hold
  • COVID-19 - CDC has recently OK’d groups of up to 100, as long as 6ft of distance is kept between people; this is not how our meet-ups generally operate, since people tend to gather in clusters and migrate between them as games change; most agree that it is too early for us to resume meet-ups

New Business

  • Rush Center and GAYMER Events - the Rush Center recently announced it has closed permanently; we will need to seek a replacement, but it is not urgent while we are not meeting
  • OutlantaCon - they recently announced their theme for 2021: "Level Up"; this is the same as our previous video game night and t-shirt initiative; since we are similar groups, there is some concern about getting us mixed up, but it is a great message that we would like to support; Christian has drafted a letter to Candace expressing our desire to collaborate/sponsor the theme; how can we? merch? co-branding? it depends on Candace's reply
  • Black Lives Matter - since this is an important movement and a critical time, we want to support it; what can we do? organize a group of marchers? fundraising? collaborating with other groups? themed months where we encourage fundraising or volunteering among our members? Christian to reach out to Eric M, since he has been very active on social media and at marches; in the meantime, we agree that we should post or share in support; let's speak out!

Open Floor

  • Move Game Nights to Another Weekend? - Eric M suggested we might change which weekend is the regular board game meet-up, to avoid conflicts with other events held on the first weekend of the month; 3rd Saturday is book club, 4th is movie night, so only other regular option is the 2nd Saturday; could we hold meet-ups on weekdays? would likely have smaller turn-outs
  • Move Business Meeting to Another Weekend? - should we move it to the 1st Sunday, so that the whole month is before us? or last Sunday of the month, and use it to wrap up the month?

12:26 pm - Adjourned