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Atlanta OutWorlders Business Meeting Minutes for 2020/04/19

Attendees: Leah, Christian H, Elbot, Robert A, Robert M, Bryan

11:05 am - Called to order

Previous month’s minutes reviewed; some amendment needed; will resubmit in May

Officer Reports

  • President - designed stickers for board game library with Robert A; created OutWorlders Discord server; updated SSL cert on website and made some general updates
  • Vice-President - emailed Rush Center in regard to renting the space for our anniversary party; has not heard back; has scaled back promotional posting, but will resume this month; solicitation for donations to Game Library continues to be suspended.
  • Secretary - April minutes submitted; March minutes re-submitted

Event Recaps

  • April OutReaders Meetup - held 4/18 online using Google Meet; discussed Shadow of the Sun by Barbara Friend Ish; June's book to be decided via poll on Facebook (closing next day)

Upcoming Events

  • April Bylaws Meeting - to be held online 4/25
  • April Out@theMovies Meetup - to be held 4/25 online using Netflix Party and Discord; watching To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything, Julie Newmar
  • May OutReaders Meetup - to be held 5/16 online; will discuss Annihilation by Jeff VanderMeer and choose July’s book

Unfinished Business

  • 501(c)3 Registration - no meeting held in March; will try to revive in the next month
  • OutlantaCon 2020 - con was canceled; the hotel never charged the card, so no refund is needed; matter closed
  • Merchandise - Pending; logo placement is still an issue
  • 20th Anniversary Party - Rush Center website says they are not accepting reservations for the rest of the year; if we go forward with the even this year, we will need another venue; possibly hold it outdoors? weather is an issue then; we could try rec centers, school gyms, restaurants, etc; we may need to postpone it until next year, our 21st!
  • Game Library - what games are essential? send ideas to Robert A; stickers mocked up by Christian and Robert A are discussed; can be used to mark as ours, but also to say who donated and even include a tracking number; how can we track what games are being played? move them to a “played” table? a “check out” card?
  • Spring Picnic - cancelled; matter closed
  • COVID-19 - April 30th is end of Shelter in Place order in GA, and May Game Night would be a few days later; best to postpone for at least a month; can we hold a virtual game night? ideas include tabletop simulator, Jackbox, charades on Zoom, Just One with pen and paper

New Business

  • OutWorlders Support - should we be doing something to help those having a hard time? we agree we aren’t qualified to do much; we can try to do more virtual events

Open Floor

No discussion

11:59 am - Adjourned

Status: Approved 2020-06-21