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Atlanta OutWorlders Business Meeting Minutes for 2020/03/15

Attendees: Robert A, Robert M, Christian H, Vader, Leah F

11:03 am - Called to order

Reading and Approval of Minutes

Previous month’s minutes reviewed; no modifications needed; minutes approved.

Officer Reports

  • President - Created Out@theMovies logo; booked game night for April at Robert M’s
  • Vice-President - Added Robert M and Christian H to room reservation for OutlantaCon; devised social media posting schedule (Sundays, Wednesdays, and Fridays); testing “Later” for use in scheduling updates automatically ($19/mo); created Board Game Geek account; posted initial board game library request on Facebook; will house any donated games until further arrangements are made
  • Treasurer - Budget approved in February; notes extra expense for March Game Night: $81.68 for Werewolf room at Axis Replay
  • Secretary - minutes submitted

Special Orders

  • COVID-19 - Discussion of OutWorlders’ reaction to current pandemic threat - cancelling OutlantaCon meetup and all events for the month of March; will push back the OutReaders meetup a month; explore digital options for Out@theMovies, but postpone scheduled movie Parasite for the time being; bylaws meeting to occur digitally

Event Recaps

  • OutReaders Meetup - held 02/15/2020 at Kirkwood library; discussed Touch by Clair North
  • Bylaws Committee Meetup - held 02/15/2020 at Kirkwood library; no report at this time
  • Out@theMovies Meetup - held 02/29/2020 at Studioplex; 10 attendees; Elbot won the cooking contest with a delicious curry; next movie is Parasite, date TBD
  • March Game Night - held 03/07/2020 at Axis Replay; 61 attendees, 13 first-timers; agreed it was a great venue, but had a few drawbacks: parking, gendered bathrooms, the presence of cishets/kids/muggles, food was maybe too expensive; they would like us back; good location for one-off events, but not for regular meetups

Upcoming Events


Unfinished Business

  • Merchandise - drinkware order delayed, logo placement still in discussion
  • 20th Anniversary Party - after discussion, decided to contact Rush Center in regards to location; need to speak to Darie about this; we estimate 12 hours at $50/hr equalling $600, but we may be able to deal it down; timing of noon to midnight on 07/11/2020; we would need volunteers to oversee the location/occaision; hourly schedule of events; games might include the Great Dalmudi, giant Jenga (ask Candace), charades, etc; we can request donations in the time up to and during the event; how will food/drink be handled? Leah suggests food trucks

New Business

  • Spring Picnic - suggested date of 04/19/2020 or 04/26/2020; need to reserve McKoy Park; secret ingredient is………. GELATIN!
  • Board Game Library - Robert A proposes we begin a collection of board games owned by the organization; will ask for donations as a first step

Open Floor

No discussion

12:40 pm - Adjourned