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Atlanta OutWorlders Business Meeting Minutes for 2019/11/17

Attendees: Robert A, Vader, Travis W, Paul M, Eric M, Bryan F, Leah F, Christian H, Robert M

11:07 am - Called to order

Officer Reports

  • President - compiled meeting minutes for October and passed on to Christian for posting; created design for name badge stickers and passed on to Robert M for printing; designed 11x17 signs advertising upcoming game nights; provided contact info to Robert A for the National Library Service for the Blind; checked with Atlanta Pride on our bucket brigade earnings
  • Vice-president - scheduled guest bylaws committee meeting, to be held after the regular business meeting on 11/17; found boilerplate bylaws template
  • Treasurer - bucket brigade earnings were $1266, far exceeding expectations; no new memberships this month
  • Events Coordinator (position vacant, duties performed by Christian H and Travis W) - booked January game night at Metropolitan Library
  • Public Relations Coordinator - added event pages and graphics on website and ran event promotions for Game Night and Book Club on FB page, FB group, Instagram, and Twitter

Event Recaps

  • Movie Night - held 10/19 at Robert and Jack's house; 13 attendees, no first-timers; movie was Hocus Pocus; November movie night to be held 11/15 at Robert and Jack's house; movie will be Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert; there will be a prize for best dessert; can be homemade or store bought
  • Book Club - held 10/19 at the Kirkwood Library; discussed October's book, Vox by Christina Dalcher; 19 attendees; November's meeting held 11/16 at the Kirkwood Library, the day before the business meeting; 13 attendees; discussed The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet by Becky Chambers; Byron A has created a voting app for use in choosing next book; he may add a rating system for previous books; name for group was decided to be "OutReaders"; December's meeting to be held 12/21, location TBD; will discuss Old Man's War by John Scalzi
  • Game Night - held 11/2 at Scott's Crossing Library; 49 attendees, 6 first-timers; Werewolf ATL hosted games in a conference room; donations totalled $68.05; next game night to be held 12/7 at Robert and Jack's house; theme will be "Ugly Sweaters"

Unfinished Business

  • T-shirts for 2019 - question as to whether we should hold an inventory of shirts, since single-print orders are cost prohibitive; Leah F suggests a shirt designing contest for the next year (20th anniversary of the group)
  • Pronoun Sticker Badges - Robert M printed some up for game night for $16
  • OutlantaCon - Andrew S is looking for volunteers for the gaming room; free badges to those who volunteer enough hours; should we sponsor them again this year? with money or just with services? do more game panels? Leah suggests we could host Jeopardy, Just One, and/or Pictionary; should we decorate the gaming room?

Elections for December 2019

At the end of the regular business meeting, nominations are locked in; the final nominees are:

  • President - Christian H
  • Vice-president - Robert A, Leah F, Sam Lim
  • Secretary - Leah F, Sam Lim
  • Treasurer - Bryan F

12:23 pm - Adjourned