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Atlanta OutWorlders Business Meeting Minutes for 2019/08/18

Attendees: Vader, Eric M, Robert M, Robert A, Bryan F, Travis W, Leah F, Isaijah K, Brad K, Christian H, Ken F

11:06 am - Called to order

Officer Reports

President - designed and ordered bookmarks for book club; secured supplies for Dames and Dregs; created Pride planning list; updated colors of custom name tags for discussion

Vice-president - finalized tshirt designs; created fabric backdrop for selfie wall at Dames and Dregs

Treasurer - reports no change in forecast

Events Coordinator (position vacant, duties performed by Christian H and Travis W) - secured reduced rate for rental of Rush Center space for October 5th game night and paid with Outworlders credit card; received 2 OutlantaCon 2020 passes for Picnic contest winner; confirmed Pride tent space

Historian (position vacant, duties performed by Christian H) - uploaded minutes to the wiki

Public Relations Coordinator - added event pages and graphics to website; ran promos for upcoming events on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram; prepared analytics for June and July social media traffic

Event Recaps

Game On! held 7/25 at Rush Center; 46 attendees, 21 first-timers; received $32.45 in donations and signed up one new sponsoring member; 14 pizzas, water, and soda were provided; recommended we provide more pizza next time and inform attendees they can bring food and beverages themselves

Movie Night - held 7/27 at Paul's house; 8 attendees, no first-timers; watched Tron: Legacy; no movie night is scheduled for August

Game Night - held 8/3 at Paul's house; 59 attendees, 11 first-timers; pool party theme; next game night to be held 9/7 at Robert and Jack's house

Dames and Dregs - held 8/10 at the Masquerade; room was decorated with balloons, video game character posters, and a selfie wall; Herb provided video games for fee of $250; most Outreach committee members wore new Level Up shirts; attendees preferred general games such as Connect Four and Jenga over more complicated games, so we're should provide more of those next time; also, be sure to brand the selfie wall with Outworlders logos

Book Club - held 8/17 at Kirkwood Branch Library; 21 attendees; played icebreaker for 30 minutes; attendees agreed to hold meetings on the 3rd Saturday of each month, preferably in the afternoon and at a library; 12 books were recommended and voted on; 2 were selected for the first 2 months; September's book is Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula K Le Guin; October's book is Vox by Christina Dalcher; there was a general agreement that the book's nominator would lead the discussion (if they want to); agreed on a policy of choosing shorter novels; will vote on next book at each meeting; next book club to be held 11/21 at a library to be determined

Unfinished Business

Dragon Con - no Queerios meetups have been officially announced at this time, due to the issues with the Sheraton; we will hold AOW meetup in the Westin's Bar 210 on 8/30 at 1pm; badge ribbons will be passed out during the meetup

T-shirt Designs for 2019 - discussed taking individual orders for a later bulk order vs having a storefront (such as Cafe Press); the former allows us to control the quality, while later would be faster but likely more expensive; agreed to make bulk orders; will advertise the shirts in the week up to September game night, then take orders at the game night; deliver shirts next game night; Christian also intends to order some to have on hand

Pronoun Name Badge Stickers - Travis submits another set of colors for badges for review, fuchsia, blue, and orange; brief discussion about whether we should drop the Atlanta from our logo; finally agreed to use a combination of the proposed colors

Summer Picnic Planning - picnic to be held on 8/25; Ken requests grilling be done in shifts, too allow him to take breaks; also, Ken is leaving early so Bil will need help packing up the grill; Candace donated 2 OutlantaCon passes as prizes; rather than give the winner both, one will be given out in a raffle of attendees

New Business

August Proposals:

Pride 2019 Planning - we got the same tent as last year, with electricity again as well; we'll need volunteers for watching the tent, greeting, and bucket brigade; we'll set up the selfie wall; we aren't allowed to ask for donations but we can have a bucket at the tent; remember to bring water, sunscreen, snacks, and first aid kit for the volunteers

12:39 pm - Adjourned