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Atlanta OutWorlders Business Meeting Minutes for 2019/01/20

Attendees: Travis W, Eric, Robert, Bryan, Brad, Christian, Leah, Bil, Vader

11:09 - Called to order

Officer Reports


reached out for volunteers for 2019; scheduled goals meeting for January 12th; documented 2018 events and sent to Christian; assisted in transfer of banking account to Bryan; secured February and March game night locations; reached out to Cobb and DeKalb library systems for locations to hold events but got no response; posted Events Coordinator position to Facebook; attended Infinite Comics MomoCon Tabletop Game Day; created Goals Worksheet for usage


participated in 2019 Goal Planning meeting; created wiki page documenting planning meeting; sent out survey to 2018 members; created graphic for January movie night


presented statement of financial position; goal is to regain non-profit status as a 501(c)3; we used to be a 501(c)7; Bil gives articles of incorporation to Bryan; to become (c)3, we will need to change our mission statement to better explain what we do/will do as a charitable organization; some discussion about the benefit of being (c)3 rather than (c)7 (club); fees for the EZ form to apply would be $275; or taking electronic donations, he commended Square (card swiper) and/or Venmo

PR Coordinator (vacant, duties shared by officers)

gave Facebook and Instagram access to Eric; Eric recommended for position

Internet Coordinator (vacant, duties performed by Christian)

renewed SSL cert thru April 14, 2019; updated email addresses on contact page; updated site and bylaws on wiki to reflect change in membership dues; looked into transferring domain from OneDom to Namecheap


January Game Night - 49 attendees; 17 newcomers; $250 received in donations; trend shows higher donations received when actively solicited; greeting table successful


Public Relations Coordinator - Eric Maxwell appointed to position

New Business

  • Eric submits Outreach Committee proposal; purpose of committee to begin video gaming events and to coordinate with other groups; members of committee are Eric, Leah, Brad, Danny, and Vader; proposal to be voted in at February business meeting; some options for gaming events have already been explored, such as Deep End and Buckhead library
  • Movie Night Preparation - Eric and Vader won't be present for the January movie night, so Christian will coordinate; Vader will send him supplies; to be held at the Metropolitan library location
  • Game Night Preparation - to be held at Robert and Jack's house; day before Super Bowl, so we'll go with that theme; encourage members to wear jerseys, bring football game-style snacks
  • 2019 Goals/Planning Meeting - worksheet developed in planning meeting; with video gaming being added, will we be hosting too many events each month? perhaps rotate the special events; whose phone should be used for e-pay? Christian offers over if his old iPhones; we need to actively reach out to lesbian and trans groups to coordinate events (non-gaming, if they don't want gaming); offer something other than bracelets?

Open Floor

  • Christian notes that the Breakfast Salon is not hosted by a member and should not be considered a sponsored event or be advertised in our group.
  • Robert Allen requests to post in our group about selling some of his surplus games; this is fine as long as he does not spam the group.

12:17 - Adjourned