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Atlanta OutWorlders Business Meeting Minutes for 2018/12/16

Attendees: Travis W., Eric, Brad, Christian, Bryan, Paul, Jolyra, Leah, Bil, Ken, Travis M

11:07 - Called to order

Meeting minutes:

voted to amend meeting minutes from November; all in favor

Officer reports

  • President - Attended opening of Infinite Comics in Tucker; contacted IRS to determine non-profit status; created cash handling procedure; deposited donations from December Game Night; created membership receipt with VP; confirmed location of January Game Night; prepped 2019 goals
  • VP - Copied old minutes to Wiki; attended opening of Infinite Comics in Tucker; reviewed minutes and determined one sponsoring membership had been misplaced; created membership receipt with Prez; emailed reminder to members to review for 2019
  • Treasurer - Submitted 2019 operating budget recommendation
  • Public Relations - created FB post for Transgender Day of Remembrance
  • Internet Coordinator - made change to Wiki URL structure

Officer Elections:

  • President - Travis Woodman
  • Vice President - Christian Hain
  • Secretary - Leah Frey
  • Treasurer - Bryan Farris


  • Movie Night: no remote for DVD player, so Robert had to retrieve one from his house, delaying start time; need to speak with Oscar about maybe only using one location permanently, or trying Ponce location again; discussed moving to Saturday nights to avoid loss of attendees to Rupaul's Drag Race; may need to run poll
  • Game Night: 56 attendees, highest of the year; we had 55 at Paul's in July; more popular because they are houses? should still keep mix of houses and libraries though; donations higher when prompted for

Old Business:

  • Anti-harassment Policy - voted in, 12 to 0
  • Anti-harassment Amendment to Bylaws - voted in, 11 to 0

New Business:

  • Appointed positions - president to post to FB to source volunteers
  • Non-profit status - our status is gone; do we owe back taxes? penalties, filing fees? we were a 501(c)3, want to be a 501(c)7; there are some requirements we do not currently meet however
  • Cash handling procedure - implemented by president and vice president to collect and record money received via donations or membership dues
  • 2019 planning meeting - tentatively scheduled for Jan 12, 1 to 5 pm, at a library meeting room; to discuss goals for the coming year

Open floor:

  • Newsletters recommended; will ask about interest in an end of year poll
  • White Elephant exchange to be held at January game night; need to announce soon
  • Liasons - to communicate with members to bring questions/concerns to business meetings, get feedback from shy people; door greeters? Jolyra volunteers for position if we adopt it

12:37 - Adjourned