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Atlanta OutWorlders Business Meeting Minutes for 2018/07/15

Attendees: Travis W, Robert, Jamar, Travis M, Brad, Christian, Bil, Ken, Vader

11:07 - Called to order

Old Business

  • July game night recap: biggest turn out ever at 55 attendees, with 9 first timers
  • Website: having trouble with autopopulating recurrent meetings/game nights, so looking for a new calendar plugin; additionally, more and more people without Facebook are coming, so we need to be sure *all* outings/meetups are included on the website; Christian looking to switch us to a new host as well
  • Bil submits new proposal to raise the rate of dues to $15 for 2019
  • Gaymer night at Rush Center: 8/16 from 6pm to 10 pm; do we need to provide food? provided by Pride last year
  • Summer picnic: 8/19; business meeting @ 10am; festivities from 11 to 4; tasting/voting at 1pm; Candace is donating membership to Outlantacon as first prize; and she asks to make an announcement during


New Business

  • Badges: official badges to differentiate sponsoring members from regular members, and to identify who is in charge/hosting
  • New banners: Travis priced out new banners; need to make sure they are sized to fit on tables as well as on the pavilion at Pride
  • Christian submits new proposal to amend the bylaws

12:24 - Adjourned