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Atlanta OutWorlders Business Meeting Minutes for 2018/06/18

Attendees: Brad, DeMarc, Travis M, Travis W, Bil, Robert, Christian

11:04 - Meeting called to order

Officer Reports

  • President, VP: No Updates
  • Treasurer: No new transactions prior to meeting. Received $28.08 in donations and $10 in membership during meeting.
  • Historian: Can't access wiki.
  • Internet Coordinator: 457 page views on the website; Facebook is still our #1 referrer, but some visits come from Reddit as well.
  • Events Coordinator: Game night went well. 41 Attendees. 10 New Members.

Old Business

  • June Game Night Recap: Went well.
  • Bylaws voting: Did not reach quorum. Re-introducing the proposals for next month. Current bylaws are hosted on
  • Southern Voice Magazine: Have not responded to Travis W.'s emails. No permissions were given to use any of our photos.
  • Website Content: Updated with Travis W.'s changes. Would like to see if any writers could review the content and refine it to read a little more pleasantly.
  • Challenge Comics: Reviewed the space. Might not be what we're looking for. Would likely have to get permission from the mall to host an event in the halls. Another store in the mall may be an option, VS Realm. They're a gaming cafe that is open to letting us rent the space to furthering discussions about using a part of the space during normal business hours. OutWorlders' doesn't have any business cards. See Open Floor for topics.
  • Spring Picnic: Paul submitted invoice for expense reimbursement.

New Business

  • Summer Picnic at McCoy Park: Scheduled for August 19th. Paul secured the reservation, also got us electricity so we could run fans. Picnic will start at 11am, judging will start at 2pm.
  • August Business Meeting: We'll have the business meeting at 10am, prior to the picnic, at McCoy park.
  • Gaymer Night: Rush center can't host in July this year, but could do August 15th.
  • Facebook Guidelines: We're noticing a small amount of our group members are using FB to self-promote without any other activity or participation with the group. * Concern is that this is not providing engaging content for FBGroup members. Christian posted new Facebook Group Guidelines (using Facebook's default suggestions).
  • Facebook Events: Travis W. created document of event descriptions to be used as a template for future events.
  • Plans for Membership: Travis W. submitted ideas for increased membership and what value would be add. Need to create a clearer definition of what the membership money would go towards. Brad suggested creating a fantasy budget for 2019 and working backwards to define membership goals.
  • Meeting Minutes: Christian to create a way for the minutes to be easily accessible from the website (create links).
  • Business Cards: Travis W. to look into designing business cards. If we need a phone number, create a GoogleVoice number.
  • Raffle ideas: to celebrate our 19th anniversary month, we'll run a FB Tag/Page-Like raffle. Winning prize TBA at game night.
  • Trello: Created a Trello board to help manage tasks in-progress tasks.

Open Floor for Discussion

A question was asked about what our group's mission is and how we measure success. Is it in terms of attendance, finances, memberships, etc.

12:27 - Meeting adjourned