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Atlanta OutWorlders Business Meeting Minutes for 2018/05/20

Attendees: Christian, Brad, Travis M, Travis W, Bil, Ken Kevin

11:04 - Meeting called to order

Officer Reports

  • Treasurer: 4 new members since last meeting; received $5 in donations
  • Web Coordinator: 405 page views on the website; Facebook is still our #1 referrer, but some visits come from Reddit as well

Old Business

  • Spring Picnic Recap: all agreed venue was excellent; we would use that pavilion again; some difficulty came from the timing of the contest, with entries arriving after the main tasting; we should set a hard time to do the tasting and announce it in the event page; it was also suggested that we should use averages to calculate the winners in case some people skip voting for some of the entries (a null vote ends up equaling a zero in our current judging procedure); we could use spreadsheet software to make that easier; the winner of the Spring contest wants to know when the next picnic will be before choosing the next ingredient
  • May Game Night: 39 signed in, but a headcount turned up a possible 48 attendees; on Facebook, 38 marked Interested and 16 Going; some people are still reticent to sign in
  • OutlantaCon: Travis talked to Candace about sponsoring next year; Kevin volunteers to go to their meetings to keep us up to date; possibility of hosting more games than just Jeopardy, we'll have to think some up; Candace had also offered to cosponsor AOW events too
  • Bylaws Updates: no vote today on the proposals from last meeting, because the proposals weren't posted in time for members to review; Bil submits a new proposal to be voted on at next meeting
  • Website Content Updates: Christian reports be has modified permissions on the website to allow all with logins to alter the site

New Business

  • Appointment of Historian: Travis M is appointed Historian; duties will include keeping up the Wiki page
  • Facebook Group Guidelines: we need to have one voice to allow for clearer messaging; having the events hosted under the Page allows for a history of events to be maintained; events will henceforth be made under the Page and shared to the Group; considered whether we might want to play to boost events; if we did, which ones? Post- Pride game night? The Rush Center event?
  • Anniversary: July 14th is the anniversary of the AOW group's founding; 19 years old; we should do something special for the 20th, next year
  • Southern Voice Magazine: someone from the magazine contacted Travis W to ask for an image of our group to use alongside an article; we need to learn more about the article/magazine before we do so; also, if a group picture is used, we'll want to get permission from everyone in it
  • 2018 Calendar of Events/Outings: some ideas include bowling or Dave and Buster's; decided on having a Summer Picnic on August 19th, hopefully at McKoy's Park again; also decided on a Fall Potluck on November 10th at Kevin's commonhouse (he has already booked the space)
  • Plan for 2019 Memberships: discussed changes we might like to make; perhaps tiers of membership prices with correspondingly better swag; should we start charging at the door? Treasurer reminds us that we can't sell anything without having to assess taxes, so all transactions need to be in the form of donations; need ideas for how to facilitate t-shirts; also need shirt designs

Open Floor for Discussion

  • Have more movie meetups: Kevin wants to set some up; Christian recommends drive-in theater
  • Should we organize a game swap meet?
  • Digital payment system: Bil still examining options; most sites expect you to sign up before you can get any info on how they work
  • Badges: suggested we have badges which indicate whether someone is willing to be in a picture or not; also suggested we should provide sponsoring members with permanent badges (with the year on them so we'll know when they aren't paid up for the new year); Travis M will look into

12:34 - Meeting adjourned