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Atlanta OutWorlders Business Meeting Minutes for 2018/03/18

Attendees: Kevin, Brad, Bil, Robert, Travis W, Christian, Paul, Leah, Richard, Travis M

11:07 Meeting called to order

Treasurer's report: Paul reimbursed for park reservation; website renewal will cost $119 instead of the $100 budgeted

Website Coordinator's report: installed Google Analytics on website to allow for reporting of site traffic; presented report from the period of 2/16/18 to 3/15/18; recorded 404 unique page views in the period described

March Game Night recap: 47 in attendance, 3 first timers; sponsoring membership dues received from 4 individuals; $53.94 in donations collected

Survey Results: 22 respondents; overall positive

Future game nights scheduled as follows:

  • April to be hosted by Paul
  • May to be hosted by Kevin
  • June to be held at library (location TBD)
  • July to be hosted by Paul
  • November to be held at Sandy Springs Heritage Center (hosted by Bryan)

Discussion of past library spaces used; East Atlanta location was smaller but close to Mary's; Perry Blvd location was larger, more parking

Discussion of officially sponsoring OutlantaCon; it was decided that we will not be purchasing any of the sponsorship packages; we will unofficially sponsor the event via cross promotion at our events; also, badges will be purchased to use as prizes

Spring Picnic to be held on April 22nd at McKoy Park; picnic items such as plates, napkins, forks are already in supply; Ken usually brings his gas grill, but he not we will need to purchase charcoal; Robert has volunteered to bring the meat; Paul had volunteered to bring the ice; as for the cooking contest, we have decided to refer to it as the Vibranium Chef competition; Travis will make up score cards; determined 1st place prize will be a badge to OutlantaCon; 2nd/3rd place prizes to be determined, but likely will be food-themed games such as Sushi Go.

Review and vote on proposed bylaw amendments; quorum is met; 15 voters, 10 votes required to pass proposal; results are as follows:

  • 2018-02-A: Passed, 14 to 0
  • 2018-02-B: Failed, 3 to 10
  • 2018-02-C: Failed, 7 to 1
  • 2018-02-D: Withdrawn
  • 2018-02-E: Failed, 2 to 13
  • 2018-02-F: Passed, 14 to 1
  • 2018-02-G: Passed, 15 to 0
  • 2018-02-H: Passed, 14 to 0
  • 2018-02-I: Passed, 15 to 0
  • 2018-02-J: Failed, 2 to 12
  • 2018-02-K: Passed, 13 to 1
  • 2018-02-L: Passed, 15 to 0
  • 2018-02-M: Passed, 15 to 0
  • 2018-02-N: Passed, 14 to 1
  • 2018-02-O: Passed, 15 to 0
  • 2018-02-P: Failed, 3 to 12
  • 2018-02-Q: Withdrawn
  • 2018-02-R: Withdrawn
  • 2018-02-S: Passed, 10 to 5
  • 2018-02-T: Passed, 14 to 0
  • 2018-02-U: Failed, 8 to 3
  • 2018-02-V: Passed, 14 to 0

New business: a form needs to be drawn up for sponsoring member to fill out, including email address

12:59 Meeting adjourned