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November 19, 2017

Attendees: Jamar, Brad, Ken, Bil, Robert, Travis, Leah, Kevin

  • 11:12 - Meeting called to order
  • 11:13 - Old Business
    • Website content - What should be said?
    • Facebook Group vs Facebook Page vs Website; Always post events on the group then share to the page
  • 11:29 - Recap of past game nights, Jenzo's was too crowded; too small for us; Names Project place was nice except for parking
    • If you're hosting - [illegible: Sheetsheet?] of how to host; also tips for newcomers
  • 11:34 - New business - I recommend MeetUp for getting new people
    • December game night is at East Atlanta Library; good trial run for MeetUp
  • 11:42 - Jamar's friend has written a book, he wants to share on the group page
  • 11:54 - Fundraising ideas: Special meeting with a suggested donation; raffle; game demo
  • 11:56 Bil reports we made $585 at Pride!
  • As of today, we have 20 members
  • Bil reports the bank has closed our account; he's going to move to a credit union; we should have $1200, minus $100 for Ken; but he can't deposit Pride check until then
  • To vote in December elections, must be a paid member by 12/12
  • Robert is hosting January; we'll couple that with a holiday party/white elephant exchange
  • 12:21 - Meeting adjourned