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Attendees: Jamar, Robert, Kevin, Richard, Paul, Ken, Bil, Leah

  • 11:00 Call to order; old business?
    • Post DragonCon Game Night was successful
    • October 19th is Escape Room at 7:30 PM in Sandy Springs on Glenridge Drive; lasts an hour
  • 11:24 - Paul says Names Project is willing to give space to game night, needs tables but has chairs; maybe November night
  • 11:25 - Jenzo is scheduled to host October game night: need to confirm he's willing still; Kevin will reserve his common house in case we need it; Jenzo confirmed.
  • 11:32 - Picnic is October 22 at Kevin's; still need secret ingredient announced; time is 11 AM — 3 PM. Secret ingredient decided to be Onion.
  • 11:40 - Pride: Need volunteers for bucket brigade and manning game pavilion; need to find out who Pride contact is, possibly Vega?
  • 11:42 - Kevin is working on content for the new website, pledges to complete it by next Sunday
  • 11:50 - Meeting adjourned