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Attendees: Richard, Robert, Ken, Brad, Christian, Travis, Bil, Leah, Kevin

  • 11:12 - Website - Update member pages with photos, bio; is ready to be brought onto main page.
  • 11:16 - Meeting rooms for game nights; all are too expensive, or no alcohol; Brad posts on Facebook that we are looking for event space.
  • 11:21 - Kevin has scheduled post-DragonCon game night at his common house for 9/9
  • 11:24 - Gaymer Night at Rush Center; All pride is providing is drinks and snacks, no alcohol; Oscar from Fulton-County Public Library bringing Wii II, he will be in charge of it; Arrive at 5 PM to set up; All pride not planning to collect donations, Travis will bring collection tin just in case; Brad suggests bringing Flyers about OutWorlders and hand out / leave on tables.
  • 11:33 - Pride - Volunteers needed for pavilion and bucket brigade.
    • Who will open pavilion on Saturday 10/14? Arrive at 9 AM to help set up; will drop games at pool house on Friday, but not set up until Saturday; Robert will bring fabric to block the wind.
  • Poll on Facebook? to ask how much people would be willing to pay for game nights.
  • October Game Night, have a sign-up sheet for Pride Bucket Brigade.
  • October business meeting will fall on Pride weekend (October 15th); will have it at Pride at 11 AM; Parade is at 12 PM, but we'll have to choose election official that day though.
  • Kevin suggests game tournament, maybe on post-DragonCon game night (9/9); $5 buy in, everyone plays the same game (like Catan or Dominion) and the winner gets the game as a prize.
  • 11:56 - Travis Suggests cross-promoting with Titan Comics.
  • 12:07 - October 22nd for Fall Picnic, 11 AM — 3:30 PM