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Attendees: Bill, Travis, Danny, Christian, Brad, Leah, Kevin

  • 11:16 - Arrived Late
  • Website ready to roll out
  • 11:23 - Pride volunteers needed to assist in collecting donations; we get half of what's collected; Bil will take care of getting volunteers
    • Starts at 10 AM 8/13; Will arrive at 9 to set up games.
  • 11:28 - Atlanta Pride not responding to calls/emails regarding GAymer Night; may need new contact (also was our contact for Pride, so uh oh!)
  • 11:35 - New Venues: Brad called St. Marks Church, but they have a no-alcohol policy; Richard called Rush Center, but the cost is $50/hr; Travis asked about his building's room but $40/hr to have A/C on; Robert's office is a possible option.
  • 11:50 - Suggested game night the weekend after DragonCon; Kevin will try to book the common house.
    • Survey to ask whether people are willing to pay "donation" and what we can do better.