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May 21

  • 11:10 - Called to Order
  • No Old Business
  • Travis asks others to take pictures
  • At last game night, a couple of new people came, said they saw the pics on Facebook, so pics are helping get the word out.
  • 11:14 - Kevin suggests finding an alternate place if game night location is too far away; maybe on a separate night.
  • Bil says we used to have a gamer page to create small groups with a specific game being played; might be good to start up again
  • June game night is at Kevin's
  • Jeopardy was successful; Outlantacon might want us to do more next year
  • OutlantaCon gaming room was also successful; maybe try the bingo thing at regular nights
  • 11:25 - Kevin suggests group costume (sci-fi extras) at DragonCon.
  • 11:34 - Christian reports on the website. It's behind schedule because of client issues. Kevin also not finished with writing copy
  • 11:36 - Gaymer Night on July 27. PRIDE also hosting; they made the event on Facebook; light music but no DJ!. We should have a donation bucket and sign about our club; maybe have a raffle?
  • 11:43 - Rush Center as our venue? Costs $100; if we took $5 donation from everyone, 20 people would buy the space. 1st Saturday in October, first after DragonCon, could be a good test run; or we can post to Facebook to ask if anyone knows of a good venue. Brad recommends St. Marks; Jamar recommends Magnificent Events, $75 for a night.
  • 11:55 - Travis says editor of David Magazine would be happy to have an article on us, to drum up business, maybe after DragonCon.
  • Pride is October 14-15; we should get the pavilion again.
  • 12:00 - Richard will contact Rush Center
  • 12:04 - July 14 is [illegible] anniversary for OutWorlders, so maybe a picnic, strategy night, etc?
  • 12:08 - Venue = Price, hours, alcohol, parking, other rules. Availability for other dates after October
  • 12:09 - Still have PR and Historian positions open
  • 12:11 - Meeting adjourned