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April 16, 2017

Attendees: Christian, Brad, Danny, Bil, Robert, Richard, Leah, Vader

  • 11:10 Called to order. Presidents report [illegible] member.
  • 11:14 Christian working [illegible] site still half in CMS, half hard-coded.
  • 11:17 Jeopardy. Ken [illegible] is to [illegiable] in his place if he can't.
  • DragonCon. [illegible] have a table at DragonCon; also to have badges, ribbons, and [illegible] meetup on Thursday/Friday. Maybe at Hyatt bar.
  • 11:18 Picnic. [illegible] pick up meat and stuff? Ken or Robert or Danny. Budget: $100
  • 11:22 Adjourned. Next business meeting is May 21, 2017.