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Attendees: Danny Herreras, Brad Kviten, Ken, Bil Boozer, Robert Marshall, Travis Woodman, Christian Hain, Kevin Campbell, Richard Arnette, and Jamar Muslar

11:11 - Meeting called to order; 29 people were at last game night; 2 new sponsoring members signed up

11:14 - Next game night will be hosted by JD in East Point; May is David and Lisa; June is Kevin; July is Robert

11:17 - Bil reports 17 sponsoring members total; he renewed the corporate membership; also website domain renewed for $0 (may be an error)

11:18 - New benefits for members? Lanyards priced at 100 for $116; end of year party? All agreed name badges were a hit at last game night; Travis suggests a sign to go with the sign-up sheet that will advertise member benefits

11:23 - Travis asks if we should go ahead with purchase of T stand banner; $150 including shipping; Richard objects to cost; current public relations budget is $100; will need special approval from membership to increase PR budget; Robert reports Costco alternative is comparable in price; banner had icons for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram; we don't have an Instagram account; Brad volunteers to run account and creates it during meeting; we need to test Instagram to Facebook connectivity

11:40 - Christian has worked on mockup of website; mobile design is ready; he will work on desktop version next; mockup includes link to PayPal to allow members to sign up through website; need to create PayPal account; should we push for April rollout? Should have it ready in time for OutlantaCon

11:51 - We are partnering with Pride to put on "Gaymer Night" at Rush Center on July 27th; no DJ this time!

11:53 - Video games at game nights? Maybe at special events, but not during regular game nights

11:57 - Robert (tries to) demo adding event to website calendar

12:02 - OutlantaCon needs volunteers for game room; volunteer with OutlantaCon directly to sign up; should we hold any gaming tournaments? we'll hold 4 Jeopardy events: 1 on Friday, 2 on Saturday, and the championship on Sunday; will run game on a computer with a projector; Brad volunteers to Host

12:17 - Meeting adjourned