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Minutes for 2/19/2017 Business Meeting

Attendees: Danny Herreras, Brad Kviten, Bil Boozer, Travis Woodman, Christian, Robert Marshall, Ken, Kevin Campbell, and Richard

11:08 - called to order

11:09 - 5 new members since last meeting

11:13 - Christian volunteers to help with the website; Travis mocked up 7 logos to replace current logo; #7 is agreed upon; Travis had also mocked up some banners and a website outline

11:19 - Travis priced T-stand banners; was quoted $268; Robert says may be cheaper at Costco

11:22 - banners include icons for Twitter and Instagram; do we have accounts? Robert says we have Twitter, will need to track down password

11:25 - banners say "Atlanta's Premier LGBT Sci-fi and Gaming Club"; slogan approved

11:30 - Leah asks about possible members-only benefits; ideas include shirts, a party, badges

11:36 - Kevin volunteers to write copy for the website (content)

11:38 - Jenzo is scheduled to host March game night

11:38 - should we have an official greeter at game nights? Or should we stop and give speech at some point in the night, to welcome new people?

11:40 - should we have a guest book? To be signed at each game night? Robert may already have one; if not, Danny will buy; columns include Name, Email, New or Not?

11:45 - should game night host post about where the building is, provide map, suggest parking?

11:50 - Christian says he can have website's calendar ready in 2 weeks; should we schedule April/May for official launch of website?

11:53 - Travis should send Facebook and Twitter banners to Danny so he can update them with the new logo

11:55 - OutlantaCon (May 12-14) agreed we can host game room and Jeopardy panels; we should bring flyers for OC to game nights to promote it; Jeopardy prizes and questions need to be devised; there will be 4 panels including a Sunday championship, so we need lots of questions; plan is to gather contestants from the panel attendees, by giving them tickets as they enter then calling for numbers; HOMEWORK: create 20 questions in 2 categories before next meeting!

12:05 - Bil volunteers to help with Twitter account; Robert will track down password and circulate

12:06 - meeting adjourned