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OutWorlders, Inc.

September 2010

The regular business meeting of OutWorlders was held on Sunday, September 19, 2010, at 11:30 am at Atlanta Diner. Edward DeGruy, Wm Boozer, Cassie, Justin Williams, Vandy Beth Glenn, and Ken Fernandez were present. President DeGruy called the meeting to order.

Officer Reports

President’s Report

Dragon*Con went very well, especially considering how late the table was secured. Next year we should have contingency plans in case we don’t get a table. Several new memberships were bought at the table.

Vice President’s Report

Not present.

Secretary’s Report

No report.

Treasurer’s Report

We have $3145.25.

Ten new members joined at Dragon*Con. A $67.67 payment was made to Vandy Beth for beverage expenditures for the Sunday night party. Another $56.80 was paid out from something in April.

Events Coordinator’s Report

Dragon*Con was a success. The party was fun. Attendance was high. There was one minor unpleasantness involving someone who drank too much.

Bil, who was our bouncer, had to turn away many underage people, which resulted in big crowds of people hanging out in the hallway outside the suite. This is something we could look into addressing in the future.

Public Relations Coordinator’s Report

Not present.

Internet Coordinator’s Report

Not present.

Historian’s Report

Ken took many pictures during the party at Dragon*Con. He will post photos soon.

Special Interest Groups Reports

Readers Group

On hiatus.

Writers Group:

On hiatus.


Impromptu strategy gaming was held at Bil and Ken’s house yesterday.

Old Business

The Fall Picnic will be on October 17. The location is still to be determined.

Money from both of this year’s picnics will be donated to CHRIS Kids.

New Business

The Fall Picnic date has been set.

Outlantacon wants to share our table at Pride. It will be on Saturday and Sunday, October 9 and 10.

Justin will host Game Night in December. October is Penn, November is Robert’s studio.

Justin wants to begin a regular monthly Harry Potter night, which will include movie viewings, trivia games, and similar endeavors. Details to follow.

Next month we will appoint an Election Coordinator.

Our Treasurer, Wm Boozer, presented a proposal for an amendment to the bylaws. It is attached at the end of these minutes.

The Hallowe’en 2010 party will be at Alan and Jeff’s house on October 30.

The meeting adjourned at 11:58 a.m.

Respectfully submitted by Vandy Beth Glenn, Secretary, Atlanta Outworlders.