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OutWorlders, Inc. 

January 2008

The regular business meeting of OutWorlders was held on Sunday, 20 January 2008, at 2:00 p.m. at Atlanta Diner. Ed Degruy, Kris Harter, Dan Benge, Robert Marshall, Alan Siler, Jeff Smith and Chris Hensley were present. The meeting was called to order by President Degruy.

Officer Reports

President’s Report

  • The President would like to thank the Outworlders members for electing him.

Vice President’s Report

  • The Vice President would like to remind everyone to please send Carlton your information for the PR campaign
  • The Tri-fold flyers are done

Secretary’s Report

  • Nothing to report

Treasurer’s Report

  • We have $3283.56

Events Coordinator’s Report

  • The first Star Trek night was a success
  • Please submit ideas for 5th Saturday ideas
    • Ice skating
    • Laser tag
    • Whirly ball

Public Relations Coordinator’s Report

  • The fliers for Chattacon are completed
  • The tri-folds have been updated with the correct address. Trek Night will be added since it has been added to the calendar and a folder will be created for it.
  • PR Coordinator will be checking with the persons about other activities that we do not currently promote to see if they will be regular events this year (i.e. strategy gaming, Prisoner night, etc.)
  • Please jot down memories, comments, etc. about the group and get them to us ASAP so the new promotional campaign for 2008 can be completed. Also, pictures are much appreciated.

Internet Coordinator’s Report

  • Hits to the website are up

Historian’s Report

  • Not present

Special Interest Groups Reports

OutWorld Writers

(Bil-not present, no report)

OutWorld Readers

(Bil-not present, no report)

Gaylactic Outpost

no report

Strategy gaming

was held at Brent’s on January 19, 2008

New Business

  • Pride details: Pride will be held over the July 4th weekend at the Atlanta Civic Center, no forms are available at this time.
  • Ideas for items to sell at the Pride Festival this year: Flash drive, Custom die, Rainbow die, Rainbow lanyards and the bracelets sold at the 2007 Pride festival were ordered from Other ideas: bookmarks given away as freebies; hold a Silent auction
  • Prisoner Night will be held at Ken’s on Feb 16 at 7pm
  • We are currently accepting donations for rum for the Room party at Chattacon
  • Jeff Smith made a proposal to be voted on at the next meeting. It reads: “Move we approve $300 for a spot in the parade at the Pride festival this year.” Mr. Smith also noted that the booth is already in the budget.

Old Business

  • Alan Siler made a proposal at last months business meeting that $40 be used for the Dr Who Night Seventh Anniversary. Not enough sponsoring members were present to vote on the proposal.

The meeting adjourned at 2:44pm.

Respectfully submitted by Chris Hensley, Secretary, Atlanta Outworlders.