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Outworlders Business Meeting, 07/15/2007

The meeting was held at 2 pm at the Atlanta Diner on North Druid Hills Road. Members present included Ed, Dan, Chris, Carlton, Alan, Jeff, Scott Bobo, Ken, JD, Bil and Kris H. Shelby and Michael G. did come later.

Officer Reports:


  1. Ed spoke about Heinlein convention and upcoming attendance at Starfleet IC in Denver, CO.
  2. Ed separated the Outworlders stuff from the Gaylaxicon promotional materials.
  3. Carlton has worked on new SIG flyers.


  1. Dan said that Robert is almost done with the back end of the web site.


Not Present, Kris H. volunteered to take notes


  1. Jeff said Outworlders earned $1268.51 from the bucket donations at Pride this year.
  2. Outworlders collected $483.06 from the table
  3. The current bank balance is $2868.51.


  1. Ken has taken more pictures.
  2. He will have the scrapbook updated for Dragon Con.

Internet Coordinator:

  1. The calendar is now dynamic.

Public Relations:

  1. Carlton stated that he had reworked the SIG flyers and sent the files to Ed.

Events Coordinator:

  1. Group saw Transformers and Harry Potter
  2. Bil and Kris H were quoted in an article in SoVo that mentioned Outworlders extensively. The article was about Harry Potter as a gay allegory.
  3. JD would like to host a movie night.
  4. Dan suggested Japan Fest for the fifth Saturday outing in September. It will be at Gwinnett Center.
  5. Outworlders/Gaylaxicon had a table at Timegate.


Reader’s Group read Carnivale. Next month’s book is Never Let Me Go.

Writer’s Group will be meeting at Ken’s at 1 pm.

Strategy Gaming will be at Ken’s July 21st.

Gaylactic Outpost

  1. Gaylaxicon has a new PR Coordinator, Kris Harter
  2. The next Gaylaxicon meeting is Thursday, July 19th at Scott Tatum’s house.
  3. Kris H. had a blimp to promote Gaylaxicon at Timegate.
  4. Timegate will be Memorial Day weekend in 2008 as a 2 day convention!

New Proposals:

  1. I propose that Outworlders donate $250.00 to CHRIS Kids Rainbow

    Submitted by Jeff Smith, 7/15/2007

  2. I propose that Outworlders provide up to $75 for the Sunday night
Dragon Con Party.

    Submitted by Jeff Smith, 7/15/2007

  3. I propose that Gaylaxicon be provided with $50 for food and
supplies for the Trek Trak party at Dragon Con, not to include

    Submitted by Alan Siler, 7/15/2007

  4. I propose that the Outworlders spend no more the $40 to purchase
 a cooler of at least 40 quart size with wheels (for ease of
transportation) to be used at the annual picnics, Pride, and any
other event that the officer body sees need to use it. This cooler
will be held by a member of the current officer body for each new

    Submitted by Edward deGruy, 7/15/2007

These proposals will be voted on at the August meeting of the Outworlders along with a bylaws proposal that will need at least 15 votes in order to be a valid vote.

Pride Wrap Up

  1. Collected a great amount of money both at the table and through collecting for Pride (50/50 split with Pride)
  2. Cross promoted Outworlders and Gaylaxicon with Frolicon (they also had a booth at Pride this year.)
  3. Letters from the sign up sheets have not been sent out yet.
  4. The rainbow bracelets were a big hit as other booths were selling them for much more than us. We sold out of them.
  5. We handed out towels imprinted with the Gaylaxicon logo. Towels had been donated by Kozmic designs.
  6. Two tents were set up across from the table for members and friends to stop by and rest. They were a big hit and were always busy. JD and Kris H. provided the tents and food and drinks.
  7. A new Outworlders logo t-shirt was unveiled and received warm reception.

New Business:

Dragon Con

  1. JD will claim the tables for Outworlders and Gaylaxicon on Thursday.
  2. Robert is taking care of the Outworlders room party and has volunteers.
  3. Kris H. is working on Trek Trak party with Eric Watts.
  4. DC Parade – will we march? We would like to have an icosohedron and dodecahedron to roll down the street along with us.

Bil moves to adjourn. Michael G seconded.