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NOTOC ## Outworlders Business Meeting, 06/17/2007

Meeting was called to order at 2 pm by Edward deGruy at the Atlanta Diner on North Druid Hills Road.

Officer Reports:


  1. There was a big response to flyers at SELF. Ed believes that next year better preparation for SELF could be of benefit to getting the word out about Outworlders.
  2. Did not attend last meeting due to being at Mobicon.




Not at Meeting. Kris Harter volunteered to take notes.


  1. Times are posted for those collecting at Pride.


Not at Meeting

Internet Coordinator:

  1. Robert has moved the web site to a local address.
  2. He is cleaning up dead and redundant links.

Events Coordinator:

  1. We will have a Scavenger Hunt at Pride. The prize will be a $25 gift certificate to Barnes and Noble.
  2. Michael Green plans to be at table all weekend.
  3. We went bowling for the fifth Saturday of May. Had 10 people come.
  4. Reviewed problem with scheduling for Silver Surfer (time and place for movie moved at last minute), speaking about actions so that repeat of situation would not occur.
  5. Talked about plans for seeing Harry Potter and the Transformers.

Public relations:

  1. Carlton has redone the Tri-fold Flyer
  2. Postcard about group created.
  3. SIG flyers left same for Pride but will be redone.
  4. Need new Anime night flyer


Bil reported that the Reader’s group met at Pete’s and had a good discussion.

Bil reported that the writer’s group will be meeting at Ken’s.

Jeff reported that the Strategy Gamers are still meeting and playing.

Alan reported that the Gaylactic Outpost met. He said that the Programming meeting for Gaylaxicon had been successful. Ed volunteered to help with a new event – movie karaoke to be held at Gaylaxicon. Adam would be doing Team trivia at Timegate. One Gaylaxicon membership was sold at Sci-Fi Summer where there was a table for Outworlders and Gaylaxicon.

Proposal was voted on for a change in the bylaws but not enough votes were cast for the proposal to be adopted. 15 members must vote.

New Business

  1. Bil will print the postcards
  2. Kris R. will print the tri-fold flyers.
  3. Robert will be working with Frolicon to put more science fiction stuff in their programming.
  4. Ed will gather the PR stuff for Pride
  5. Jeff has a hand truck.
  6. Dragon Con Prep
    1. Outworlders has a fan table
    2. Gaylaxicon has a separate table but one person could staff both tables if necessary for short periods of time
  7. Ed will be at the Heinlein convention in Kansas City and will take flyers for Outworlders and Gaylaxicon.
  8. Rose and David are having a housewarming party July 6.
  9. We will have a cookout July 4 at the park by Alan’s. It will be “Bring your own Meat.”
  10. Kris H. spoke about having another promotional event for Gaylaxicon
  11. Kris R. spoke about USSF and mondo homo.

Kris R. moved to adjourn. Robert seconded. Meeting ended at 2:52 pm.